Breaking Down the 2024 Cyber Threat Report

Take advantage of the opportunity to equip your team with the critical knowledge and resources needed to fight threats targeting your business. Join us to learn more!

Date: August 06, 2024

Time: 11:00 am PT

Duration: 1 hour

Tech Talk | From On-Premises to Azure: A Roadmap for MSPs to Succeed in the Cloud

In this information-packed Tech Talk, veteran technology journalist John K. Waters talks with MSP, Azure, Virtual Desktop expert Will Ominsky about the opportunities and challenges MSPs face in the cloud. Their conversation will cover the key pain points faced by MSPs, including managing and securing hybrid work environments and extending service reach beyond local boundaries.

Date: August 06, 2024

Time: 11:00 AM PT

Duration: 1 hour

On Demand

Coffee Talk | Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 Best Practices for Maximum Data Protection

Join us to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Copilot within your M365 environment by joining our exclusive webcast! Discover essential insights from Greg Schulz, a renowned author, founder, and Sr. Analyst of Server StorageIO, and Microsoft MVP (CDM). Learn about the security, governance, and data protection strategies you need to safeguard your organization's data while leveraging Copilot.

Duration: 1 Hour

Coffee Talk | Expert Take: Copilot for Microsoft 365 Strategies for Partners

If you’ve found yourself choking on all the hyperbole, you’ll want to attend this brass-tacks practical discussion of how Microsoft Partners will deliver real value to customers and grow their businesses with Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Duration: 1 Hour

Coffee Talk | Managing Hybrid Work Customers: Top Strategies and Advice for Partners

Sign up for this free virtual Coffee Talk to learn best practices and strategies for taking fullest advantage of the fact that our people are working from home where they’re more relaxed, less stressed, and better able to create more work/life balance.

Duration: 1 Hour

Coffee Talk | Safeguarding the SMB: Top Security Strategies and Best Practices for Partners

Sign up for this free virtual Coffee Talk to learn how to help your customers adopt best practices that enable them to enjoy the full value of your partners' protective technologies.

Duration: 1 hour

Coffee Talk: Phishing Awareness Training 101 for Partners

In this Coffee Talk session, Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen reviews the many cyber hygiene and other phishing perils customers face creating their need for better support from their MSPs and MSSPs. Awareness is the first step!

Duration: 1 hour

Security Essentials: Empowering MSPs with Datto’s Integrated Solutions

As ransomware attacks become more prevalent, SMBs count on MSPs to keep their data safe. And with cybercriminals finding new and innovative ways to attack your client’s data it’s more important than ever before that you’re prepared in every scenario. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour

Coffee Talk: Endpoint Security 101: Threats & Strategies SMB Partners Need to Know

Join Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen and endpoint security experts from Huntress who will fully inform you on what threat vectors you need to be watching out for, and how to protect your customers from harm.

Duration: 1 hour

Automated Intelligence: Simplifying M365 Governance for MSPs

Join us to unlock the potential for business growth and explore new avenues for expanding your service portfolio.

Duration: 1 hour

Coffee Talk: 10 Biggest Changes Facing Microsoft Partners in 2024

In this webcast, Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen will discuss some of the changes we can expect facing Microsoft Partners in 2024, and some strategic steps you should consider to better prepare you for the future.

Duration: 1 hour

Coffee Talk: MSPs & Microsoft's New Partner Program: What's New & What's Ahead for 2024

In this session, Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen, a veteran of many changes in Microsoft’s partner program, will review many of the changes, discussing how they will likely impact your MSP/CSP business in the coming year. As you enter the time of year for your planning process, this session will be essential.

Duration: 1 hour

Coffee Talk: Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Microsoft's New Partner Program

Join IT industry analyst and “Senior Resultant” Howard M. Cohen to explore the latest set of evolutionary improvements to the Microsoft Partner Program. We will drill down on the changes and offer insights and advice on how partners can adapt most effectively and make the most of the opportunities they present.

Duration: 1 hour

Unlocking Profitability in the Age of Cloud

Join us for this Tech Talk and explore how Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure can effortlessly fit into your MSP toolkit, guaranteeing a streamlined Azure journey for both you and your clientele.

Safeguarding Microsoft 365 and Azure: Modern Cloud Security Best Practices for Partners

Sign up for this free discussion to join Datto's General Manager of Datto Continuity and SaaS to get up to speed on the latest cloud security trends, threats and best practices for MSPs so your customers can keep using Azure and Microsoft 365 worry-free. Don't miss it!

Cloud Security 101 for MSPs: How to Safeguard Customer Data in Azure and Microsoft 365

This one-hour Tech Talk will give you all the information and tools you need as an MSP to assess the risks to your customers' Azure infrastructures and make sure their Microsoft 365 data remains safe. Don't take the risk -- register for this Tech Talk today to make sure you're prepared for the worst the cloud has to offer your customers.

Service Providers: Capture the AWS and Azure BaaS Opportunity

Join this live webinar with Veeam’s own Mike Loos and Tim Hudson to learn how adding Veeam Backup as a Service (BaaS) for AWS and Microsoft Azure to your service offerings can be a lucrative opportunity.

Duration: 1 hour

Modernize your Cloud MSP Practice with Unified Observability and Security

Improve your own value proposition and build new, stronger customer relationships and revenue opportunities. Attend this session and learn how to achieve your next step of evolution.

Shared Responsibility: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Azure and Microsoft 365 Environments

Join Datto experts on Tuesday, August 16th to learn the gaps in Microsoft 365 and how you can protect your data, why just having Azure backup isn’t enough, and more!

4 Ways to Grow your MSP in 2022

From how to create the perfect bundle to how to maximize your Microsoft investment, this session will provide you with valuable—and actionable—takeaways to grow your MSP. Learn more!

From NCE to MCPP: Microsoft Changes You Should Know

Join us for an overview of the significant changes to the Microsoft partner program, as well as tips for what to do now to ensure a seamless transition. Learn more!

Phishing Attacks on the Rise: How to Protect Your Business

Phishing attacks remain high, and few are spared. Learn to protect yourself.

2022 Growth Hacks Webinar Series with Erick Simpson and SkyKick

Join us at the first of four Webinars in this series to learn about the services and solutions that post-pandemic buyers are now investing in more than ever before.

Duration: 1 hour

Navigating the Modern Threat Landscape: Webroot MDR Powered by Blackpoint

As MSPs continue to navigate a rising volume of attacks, they will need support from qualified cybersecurity teams who can quickly assess and remediate today’s evolving threats.

Duration: 1 hour

How you can build a security managed practice with Microsoft and Tech Data

Join us to learn more about Microsoft security solutions and how the Tech Data Microsoft team of security experts make it easy for you to offer customers complete security solutions for business continuity.

Backing Up Endpoints in the Remote Workforce

Protecting data from human error, malware and theft becomes more complicated when protection is spread across wide geographic distances and complex network topologies. Learn more.

Hit the Dynamics 365 easy button with TD SYNNEX

Join Tech Data on November 18 to learn how to boost your revenue and land new customers selling Microsoft Dynamics 365. Learn more.

From Migration Through Service Delivery: Tips for Building a Successful Azure Practice

In this webinar, we will explain how MSPs can quickly and reliably move clients to Azure using the Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework. Learn more.

TechTalk: How the Power Platform Enables Outstanding IT Service Management

Not all ITSM solutions are created equal. Join our experts for an in-depth discussion on how the Power Platform enabled product design and development enables outstanding ITSM. Learn more.

Simplifying Azure Virtual Desktop with Tech Data and Microsoft

Join Tech Data on October 25 to learn how the Tech Data Azure Virtual Desktop Click to Run™ solution can take your implementation time from one week to one hour!

Ensuring Business Continuity with Carbonite and Webroot

Join us to learn how Carbonite and Webroot's combined power marry data security and protection for worst case scenarios. Learn more.

Response, Remediation and ROI with eSentire MDR for Microsoft

Join us as we break down eSentire Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for Microsoft, including Microsoft 365 and Azure Sentinel and how you can leverage the Microsoft security opportunity to increase value for your customers. Learn more.

Protect Data From the Cloud, in the Cloud: Carbonite Backup for Microsoft 365

Join this webinar with Sr. Product Manager Ryan Crompton to learn how Carbonite Backup for Microsoft 365 can help secure data in Microsoft cloud applications. Learn more.

Security Awareness Training: Protect Your Business

Join us for a Security Awareness Training learning session where we will discuss how Security Awareness Training can turn your users into your best line of defense against attacks. Learn more.

4 Ways To Secure Your Customers' Collaboration Systems and Drive Value

Learn how to offer AvePoint’s secure collaboration solutions - secure migration, data protection, access monitoring and more - to increase your services revenue across Microsoft 365, Dynamics, Google, and Salesforce. Learn more.

Protective DNS: What Channel Leaders Need to Know About New NSA Recommendations

Join this webinar to learn how to achieve management control over your DNS while following the NSA and CISA’s best practices. Learn more.

How to Drive a Successful Cloud Practice and Protect Client Workloads

Learn how you can evolve your cloud practice on Microsoft Azure with comprehensive, yet cost-predictable business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR). Industry experts from Datto and Microsoft will explain how you should approach BCDR in the cloud. Learn more.

Why You Should Add Disaster Recovery as a Service to Your Portfolio

In the face of potentially devastating outages, many IT departments simply live with the risk or settle for less expensive backup options for critical workloads. Learn more.

Annual AI/ML Report Review: What IT Decision-Makers Know (and Don’t Know)

Over the years, we’ve seen continuing global confusion around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies and their role in cybersecurity and business continuity. Learn more.

Webroot’s 2021 Threat Report

The last year has been one for the record books in numerous ways and the realm of cybercrime was no exception. Learn more.

Top New Ways MDR Can Protect O365 Email with Microsoft Defender

Join this webcast as we walk you through their new MDR with Microsoft Defender for Office 365 and how you can use it to provide your customers with robust email threat detection, investigation and response on a 24x7x365 basis. Learn more.

Getting More From Your Microsoft Teams Investment

In this webcast we'll cover the obstacles you will likely encounter on your way to a full Teams deployment and tips for how to overcome those obstacles. Learn more.

Boost Your Dynamics 365 Business with the Power of the Indirect Model and Tech Data

Join us to discover how Tech Data gives you the flexibility to create your cloud business and accelerate your Dynamics 365 CSP journey! Learn more.

Build a Successful Microsoft 365 Business with Tech Data

Tech Data understands that you need to clearly differentiate yourselves in a market. Join us to learn more on why partnering with Tech Data helps you add value to your customers and be more profitable! Learn more.

Accelerate Your Journey to Azure with Tech Data

Join Tech Data and Microsoft to learn how with Tech Data’s Cloud Backup on Azure Click to Run™ solution can simplify data protection and protect your customers’ data and applications no matter where they reside. Learn more.

Top 10 Reasons to Backup Microsoft 365 Data

In this webinar, we’ll discuss common causes of data loss within SaaS applications and the top 10 reasons why organizations need to start backing up Microsoft 365. Learn more.

Grow Your Microsoft Business - You Know the Cloud, but What About Cybersecurity?

Your customers have already invested in Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 licenses, now help them operationalize the fully integrated security capabilities with BlueVoyant’s Modern SOC, a cloud-native, fully integrated security solution. Learn more.

Accelerate Your Microsoft Cloud Business: Become an Indirect CSP Partner with SoftwareONE

If your organization was impacted by this announcement or if you are a partner looking to create a new profit stream around Microsoft Cloud, this is a can’t miss webinar!  Learn more.

Lockdown Lessons: Cyber Resilience Starts Here

On this webinar, we'll discuss how MSPs and SMBs can build and maintain a strong cyber resilience posture to protect against an evolving threat landscape. Learn more.

Unlock the True Potential of the Microsoft Security Stack for Your Customers

Join this webcast as we walk you through a new Managed Detection and Response (MDR) with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and how you can use it to generate new business. Learn more.

Increase Revenue Now With Cloud-based Data Protection

US Signal’s Cloud Availability for Veeam provides a complete solution tailored for Managed Service Providers and enables cloud- based data protection, offsite backup, and replication solutions for an additional revenue stream and zero capital investment. Learn more.

Best Practices for Cloud Migrations

In this webcast learn why the cloud is riddled with risk and what you can do about it, which source of risk you need to be concerned about, as well as how to proactively predict where risk exists. Learn more.

Who’s Behind the Mask? Hacker Personas Explained

In this webinar, we'll explore cybercriminal personas and explain why victims are likely to fall prey to these scam artists. Learn more.

Cloud Migration Made Easy: Prepare Properly & Completely Before - Manage Effectively After

Join our experts to learn the keys to making your cloud migration easy. Find out how to properly prepare and effectively manage your migration. Learn more.

The Main Challenges in a Hybrid Workplace and How to Overcome Them

Join us for this exclusive webinar and learn how to adapt to the new hybrid workplace. Learn more.

The Nastiest Malware

COVID-19 has dominated headlines, so it’s no surprise that cybercriminals are taking advantage of pandemic-related vulnerabilities to wreak havoc. Learn more.

How to Stay Disruption-Free During Hurricane Season

In this webcast, we’ll look at the different options for maintaining operations during a hurricane or other major outage. Learn more.

Complexity Conquered: How Carbonite Migrate Simplifies SAP Migrations

SAP migrations are traditionally complex, fraught with risks and complications. While SAP offers reputable migration tools within their ecosystem, the focus on data optimization and transformational projects adds unnecessary complication. Learn more.

New and Emerging Threats: What to Watch for in 2020

Join this webcast as we discuss the most recent threat intelligence data and what you should watch out for to keep your business safe. Learn more.

Cybersecurity Safety While Working from Home

As companies continue to encourage employees to work from home, cyberattacks are on the rise, which has presented a major challenge for MSPs and SMBs. Learn more.

The Value of Backup for Microsoft 365: Why – in These Current Times – Is It So Important?

In this webinar, we will distinguish between the customer’s responsibility and Microsoft’s when it comes to data management and user onboarding and offboarding. Learn more.

Business as (Un)usual is the New MSP Reality

The landscape has changed for MSPs today, but driving digital business transformation remains as important as ever. Learn what the new business as usual means for your business in this webcast. Find out more now.

How to Grow Business with 2020 Dynamics 365 Sales

You can learn how to easily improve your sales relationships in a new live webinar, “Adding Dynamics 365 Sales to Grow Your Practice in 2020." Join us on Wednesday, June 10, at 1:00 PM ET, for a discussion of the Dynamics 365 Sales solution—and bring your questions, as we’ll set aside time during the hour to address them.

Latest Insights into Malware, Phishing, Cryptojacking and More

Join Webroot expert Tyler Moffitt to get the latest cybersecurity insights and statistics, and to learn how to be cyber-resilient in the face of new and existing threats. Learn more.

Ramp Up Security in Times of Uncertainty

Sherweb is offering a new cyber security assessment based on CIS Controls for free! Part of a larger program, the assessment provides MSPs with a simple way to assess customers' security posture as well as a practical action plan to address these gaps. Learn more!

Adding Dynamics 365 Business Central to Grow Your Practice in 2020

Attend this online live webinar and demo that will help you improve your practice growth with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Find out why Dynamics 365 is growing so fast and why it is the perfect solution to expand your business into high-value offerings.

Duration: 1 hour

Evaluating the Best Office 365 Migration Tool for Your Cloud Practice

Whether you’re new to the Office 365 email migrations space or a migrations ninja – every project (and client) presents unique goals, workflows, and challenges to consider. Add in the laborious processes that come with manual migrations, and it can be more time consuming than expected. That’s why most MSPs turn to third-party tools.

Be a Migration Master - Solving the Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 End Of Service Dilemma

Join our exclusive webcast for an overview on what this end of life means for your data and how Carbonite Migrate can simplify the next step for your data, applications, and workloads. Find out more.

Learn How to Boost Your Business with the Parallels Service Provider (PSP) Program

Join this webinar to learn how Parallels RAS helps Service Providers to increase their revenue streams by adding profitable Virtual Client Computing ( SaaS, DaaS, AaaS ) managed application delivery, and VDI to their service offerings.

Office 365 Cloud Backup Made Easy

By now, IT Consultants know that data loss happens in the cloud - and it happens on a surprisingly regular basis. Join us to understand why an O365 backup solution is critical to so many MSPs and how you can evaluate the available tools to find one that fits your business.

Office 365 Cloud Backup Made Easy

By now, IT Consultants know that data loss happens in the cloud - and it happens on a surprisingly regular basis. Join us to understand why an O365 backup solution is critical to so many MSPs and how you can evaluate the available tools to find one that fits your business.

Why Hackers Hack: The Stereotype

The truth is that hackers come in many forms and those with ill intentions can cripple or even destroy your business. Learn more.

Dynamic MSP: Adding Business Solutions to Grow Your Practice in 2020

During the session, you'll get actionable insights, frameworks and best practices for considering whether business solutions can help ease some of the margin and competitive pressures hitting MSPs today, for setting up profitable business solutions services and for packaging other services with the business solutions. Learn more.

Duration: 1 hour

Ex-FBI Agent Eric O’Neill Discusses Ransomware in 2019

Join former FBI Counterintelligence Operative Eric O’Neill and Guillaume Boisvert, SherWeb’s Security Product Director, for an exclusive webinar on July 16 at 2 PM EDT. Learn more!

Live Webinar: Expert Advice from T-Systems to Make Your Buildings Smarter

Smart building technology continues to evolve and its uses are creating unparalleled opportunities for facility managers and service providers alike. Learn more.

What’s Changed Since the Last Time You Bought Backup?

If you’ve been using the same old backup product for years, you may not know how much easier data protection can be in today’s cloud-first world. Microsoft MVP Brien Posey and SolarWinds Product Manager Matthew DeWitt shared the latest tips and tricks. Watch today!

Duration: 1 hour

5 Big Opportunities for MSPs in 2019

As more channel partners become Managed Service Providers (MSP) it gets harder for MSPs to differentiate themselves and stand out in a growing crowd. The key to future success is, as it has always been, innovating and specializing. Learn more.

State of the MSP Market

Don't miss this essential analysis of the current state of the managed service provider market. Learn more

Best Practices for Securing Your Clients' Office 365 Environment

Seven out of ten Office 365 environments suffer at least one compromised account each month. Learn more.

How One System Integrator Went from a Single IoT Project to Profitable, Recurring Managed Services in Weeks

Join us as we sit down with Megla, a leading service provider in Germany, and chat about their strategic IoT solutions and how they are bringing new IoT value to current and new customers. Learn more.

Increase your CSP Revenue with Microsoft Dynamics 365

There is no better time to build your Microsoft Dynamics 365 business than now. Offering these transformational solutions provides an opportunity to increase revenue and provide high value services, Learn more.

Capture the Cloud - Modernize Your Customer's Business With Microsoft Azure

Learn to help your customers migrate and modernize their businesses—without business interruptions—with tips from this SYNNEX webinar. View Now!

Crush Your ACR with Quest—and Win $500

Invest 20 minutes with Microsoft and Quest Software and you’ll have the information you need to make or surpass your Q4 Azure and Microsoft solution goals. Read on.

Duration: 20 minutes

How to Stay Relevant While Increasing Your Customer Footprint

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the market trends that are driving the need for an Engagement Database, and provide an overview of how it differs from, yet complements, other databases. We’ll examine the opportunity that solution providers have in building a practice in this area. Watch now!

Duration: 1 Hour

How to Stay Relevant While Increasing Your Customer Footprint

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the market trends that are driving the need for an Engagement Database, and provide an overview of how it differs from, yet complements, other databases. We’ll examine the opportunity that solution providers have in building a practice in this area. Watch now!

Duration: 1 Hour

3 Game Changing Problems in Security: Top Issues for MSPs

Join Ian Thornton-Trump for a discussion on security issues for managed service providers.