Microsoft's Top 350 U.S. Partners

Who are the best Microsoft U.S. partners? You'll find them in this list of the top 350 Microsoft partners, from global systems integrators to data specialists to small, highly competent regional operators.

Microsoft has one of the largest, most complex and most varied partner communities in the world. With so many product families, partner certification types and partner business models, it's a challenge for customers to figure out which of the tens of thousands of Microsoft partners in the United States might be able to help them, and which ones are the best.

The RCP 350 gives customers a short list of partners they should definitely consider for their IT needs.

Using our 16+ years of experience exclusively covering the Microsoft channel community, Redmond Channel Partner magazine has compiled this list of 350 top Microsoft partners operating in the United States.

We've scoured various sources to identify the strongest Microsoft partners in the United States. We accepted nominations. We considered partners in the Inner Circle, tracked companies formerly in the Microsoft National Solution Provider program through thickets of acquisitions, reviewed Microsoft's growing list of new Azure-related specialty certifications, monitored Microsoft's worldwide and U.S. partner awards and mined our own previous awards and coverage.

This is a qualitative list, which is why it's organized alphabetically. Some of these partners produce massive revenues in Microsoft practices that reach across Microsoft's technology stack. Others are much smaller businesses with very deep technology expertise or with extremely strong access to internal Microsoft teams, giving them an outsized ability to provide powerful solutions for customers.

Geographically, companies are situated by their U.S. headquarters in Microsoft's East, Central and West regions. To be labeled National, companies needed to have offices in each of those three regions. The International designation required offices in more than one country. While the thinking behind these regions is that some customers like to work with someone they can meet with face-to-face, cloud-based delivery makes that much less important. (And this year, even meetings between partners and nearby customers have been primarily by Teams or Zoom.)

A core value of this list is the labels in the Tech Focus column. This column is meant to be read left to right. We start with the broad focus of the company. A second or third focus might also be present. Those labels are followed by a practice area (or areas) if applicable, and finally by vertical specialties, if appropriate.

SI is one of the main focus areas. This refers to systems integrator, but we use it very broadly to include consultants, solution providers, project services, cloud migration services, application modernization and so on. It's basically anything related to recommending, implementing or updating horizontal Microsoft technology infrastructure. Another broad focus is MSP for managed service provider, a category that encompasses a lot of hosting companies and can range from very specific areas of managed services to soup-to-nuts outsourcing. CAD is another focus and refers to custom application development, covering on-premises software and/or cloud services.

The RCP 350 is primarily an implementation partner list, but we've included a handful of ISV (independent software vendor) partners who are especially close to Microsoft right now, as evidenced by recent Microsoft awards. Dynamics, meanwhile, refers to the distinct and important community of partners who sell Microsoft's business applications. If Dynamics is listed first, it's the partner's primary focus. If it's listed after other labels, it's more of an additional practice area. Accounting, when listed first, denotes a special category of partner that has become more prevalent in recent years. Basically, the partner is an accounting or tax advisory firm, usually national in scope, that has acquired or built substantial technical capabilities to supplement its main business.

Some terms used to describe practice areas after the broad focus in the Tech Focus column include Cloud, which refers to Office 365/Microsoft 365 capability; Indirect Provider, a kind of partner's partner; Direct CSP, a tighter relationship with Microsoft on cloud licenses for high-volume partners; Azure Expert MSP, an exclusive badge from Microsoft; SAP or AWS, for partners who specialize in integrating those technologies with Microsoft technologies; OSS, for open-source software with an Azure bent; and WVD, for Windows Virtual Desktop.

Great Microsoft partners look at a customer's business and select the right technologies from Microsoft's wide range of sophisticated offerings, fine-tune them for their customer's needs and expertly enhance them with their own or other technology companies' solutions. They bring the full power of the Microsoft technology stack to each customer, making those customers more productive, more profitable and more agile.

The companies that made our RCP 350 list represent the best Microsoft partners in the United States.

1-10 | A | B | C | D-E | F-H | I | J-L | M | N | O-P | Q-R | S | T-V | W-Z

Company Tech Focus Geographical
3Cloud SI, MSP, Azure, Azure Expert MSP International Downers Grove, Ill.
3Core Systems SI, SAP Central Austin, Texas
6th Street Consulting SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure West Redondo Beach, Calif.
7 Layer Solutions MSP, SI, CAD Central Schaumburg, Ill.
A.B. Computer Systems Inc. Dynamics East Melville, N.Y.
Accela SI, Government International San Ramon, Calif.
AccountabilIT SI, MSP, Azure Central, West Scottsdale, Ariz.
ACTS SI, MSP, Azure, Cloud, Data/AI East, Central Jacksonville, Fla.
Adobe Systems Inc. ISV International San Jose, Calif.
AME Group MSP, SI, Security Central Nashville, Tenn.
Agile IT Inc. SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure, Data/AI West San Diego, Calif.
Agility Business Solutions Inc. Dynamics Central Cleveland, Ohio
AHEAD SI, Cloud National Chicago, Ill.
Aldridge SI, MSP, Cloud, Security Central, West Houston, Texas
Alithya Group Inc. Dynamics, SI, Azure, CAD International Alpharetta, Ga. (US)
All Covered SI, MSP, CAD, Cloud, Unified Communications National Rolling Meadows, Ill.
Allied Technology Group LLC SI, MSP, Security Central Little Rock, Ark.
Allscripts SI, MSP, Healthcare International Chicago, Ill.
Altair Engineering SI, CAD, Data/AI, Manufacturing International Troy, Mich.
Altara Dynamics, Cloud National Sacramento, Calif.
Amaxra SI, Cloud, Unified Communications West Redmond, Wash.
Applied Information Sciences SI, CAD, MSP, Azure, Cloud, Direct CSP, Data/AI, Security, Government National Reston, Va.
AppRiver Indirect Provider, Direct CSP, Cloud, Security International Gulf Breeze, Fla.
Aprimo ISV International Chicago, Ill.
Arbela Technologies Corp. Dynamics, CAD, MSP International Irvine, Calif.
ArcherPoint LLC Dynamics, MSP, Cloud, Azure International Atlanta, Ga.
Arcos Technologies Inc. Dynamics, CAD International Miami, Fla.
Armanino Accounting, Dynamics National San Ramon, Calif.
Arraya Solutions MSP, SI, Security East Plymouth Meeting, Pa.
Arrow Electronics Inc. Indirect Provider International Centennial, Colo.
Ascend Technologies MSP, Cloud, Direct CSP, Security Central Chicago, Ill.
Ascentek Inc. MSP East, Central Pittsfield, Mass.
Atmosera SI, Azure, Azure Expert MSP National Beaverton, Ore.
AVA retail ISV, Retail National Redmond, Wash.
Avanade Inc. SI, MSP, CAD, Dynamics, Azure, Cloud, Security, SAP International Seattle, Wash.
AvePoint ISV, Cloud, SharePoint International Jersey City, N.J.
Avid ISV, Media International Burlington, Mass.
AXerp Solutions Dynamics International Iselin, N.J.
AxSource Corp. Dynamics International Houston, Texas
BA Insight SI, Cloud, Data/AI International Boston, Mass.
Bam Boom! Cloud Dynamics, MSP International Plano, Texas (US)
Barry-Wehmiller Design Group SI, Dynamics, Manufacturing International St. Louis
BCM One SI, MSP, Unified Communications, Cloud National New York, N.Y.
BDO USA Accounting, SI, MSP, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, Cloud, Direct CSP National Chicago, Ill.
Bennett Adelson SI, Azure, Cloud, Dynamics Central Cleveland, Ohio
Bentley Systems Inc. SI, MSP, Manufacturing International Exton, Pa.
BKD Technologies Accounting, Dynamics National Springfield, Mo.
Black Marble CAD, SI, Azure, Cloud, Data/AI International Minneapolis, Minn.
Blackbaud ISV, Nonprofit International Charleston, S.C.
BlackPoint IT Services MSP, SI, Cloud, Security West Kent, Wash.
Blackstone + Cullen SI, Data/AI East, West Alpharetta, Ga.
Blue Edge Consulting SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure East Downingtown, Pa.
Blue Horseshoe Solutions Inc. Dynamics International Carmel, Ind.
Blue Voyant ISV, MSP, SI, Security, Azure International New York, N.Y.
Blue Yonder ISV, Retail, Manufacturing International Scottsdale, Ariz.
BlueGranite SI, Data/AI Central Portage, Mich.
Brainscale Inc. SI, MSP, Azure, OSS, Kubernetes, WVD, Direct CSP National Princeton, N.J.
BrightBytes MSP, Data/AI, Education National San Francisco, Calif.
Burwood Group SI, MSP, Cloud, Security National Chicago, Ill.
C Spire MSP, Cloud, Unified Communications Central, East Ridgeland, Miss.
Calsoft Systems Dynamics National Torrance, Calif.
CalTech MSP Central San Angelo, Texas
Canonical ISV, OSS International Austin, Texas
Capax Global LLC SI, CAD, Azure, Cloud, Data/AI International Chicago, Ill.
Capgemini SI, MSP, Azure Expert MSP, SAP, Kubernetes International New York, N.Y. (US)
Carahsoft Indirect Provider National Reston, Va.
Carousel Industries MSP, SI, Cloud, Security, Unified Communications International Exeter, R.I.
Catapult Systems LLC SI, MSP, CAD, Azure, Cloud, Data/AI National Austin, Texas
CDW Corp. SI, Direct CSP International Vernon Hills, Ill.
CEI (Computer Enterprises Inc.) SI National Pittsburgh, Pa.
Center for Computer Resources SI, MSP, CAD, Cloud, Azure Central Sterling Heights, Mich.
Cerium Networks MSP, Unified Communications, Security West Spokane, Wash.
Cetrom Information Technology Inc. MSP, Cloud East, West Vienna, Va.
CGI SI, CAD, MSP International Fairfax, Va.
CheckPoint HQ US ISV, Security International San Carlos, Calif.
Chetu CAD, SI, Azure, Cloud International Plantation, Fla.
CHIPS Technology Group SI, MSP, CAD, Cloud, Direct CSP East Syosset, N.Y.
Cireson SI, System Center International San Diego, Calif.
CISS (Creative Ideas Simple Solutions) CAD East Washington, D.C.
Citrix ISV International Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
CleverSpeck SI, Data/AI East Herndon, Va.
CloudFit SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure National Lynchburg, Va.
Cloudreach SI, MSP, Azure Expert MSP, Kubernetes International New York (US)
Cognizant SI, MSP, CAD, Azure Expert MSP, Azure, Cloud, Data/AI International Teaneck, N.J.
Columbus Global Dynamics International Minneapolis, Minn. (U.S.)
Communication Square SI, MSP, Azure, Cloud, Direct CSP East Stuart, Fla.
CompuCom SI, Cloud International Fort Mill, S.C.
Compudyne Inc. SI, MSP, Cloud, Security, Unified Communications Central, Alaska Duluth, Minn.
Compugen Inc. SI, Azure Central Houston, Texas
Concurrency SI, CAD, Azure, Cloud, Data/AI Central Brookfield, Wis.
Continuant MSP, Unified Communications, Cloud, Direct CSP International Fife, Wash.
Convergence Consulting Group (CCG) SI, MSP, Azure, SAP, Data/AI, WVD East Tampa, Fla.
Convergence Networks MSP West Milwaukie, Ore.
Convergent Computing SI, CAD, Azure West Walnut Creek, Calif.
ConvergeOne SI, MSP, Cloud International Eagen, Minn.
CoreBTS MSP, SI, Cloud, Azure, Dynamics National Madison, Wis.
Coretek SI, MSP, Azure Expert MSP, Azure, Data/AI, WVD National Farmington, Mich.
Coretelligent SI, MSP National Westwood, Mass.
Corporate Renaissance Group Dynamics International Broken Arrow, Okla. (US)
Corporate Technologies LLC SI, MSP National Minneapolis, Minn.
Crayon Software Experts LLC Indirect Provider International Dallas, Texas
Credera SI, Data/AI Central Addison, Texas
Crestwood Associates Dynamics, Direct CSP National Schaumburg, Ill.
Crossfuze SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure International Minneapolis, Minn.
Crowe LLP Accounting, Dynamics International Chicago, Ill.
CSG ISV, Azure International Greenwood Village, Colo.
CTSI MSP Central Lubbock, Texas
Cyclotron Inc. SI, CAD, Cloud, Azure, Data/AI National San Francisco, Calif.
D&H Distributing Co. Indirect Provider National Harrisburg, Pa.
Dalechek Technology Group SI, MSP, Security Central Earth City, Mo.
Dataprise Inc. MSP, SI, Cloud, Azure East, West Rockville, Md.
Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting SI, CAD, Azure, Data/AI National Oceanside, Calif.
District Computers LLC MSP, Cloud, Azure East Silver Spring, Md.
Drundo MSP, CAD, Azure East Boston, Mass.
DXC Technology Services SI, CAD, Azure Expert MSP, Azure, Cloud, Dynamics, SAP International McLean, Va.
DynTek Inc. SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure, Security National Newport Beach, Calif.
EastBanc Technologies CAD, SI, Azure East Washington, D.C.
Ecuity Edge Dynamics East Maitland, Fla.
Edafio Technologies MSP, SI, Cloud, Security Central North Little Rock, Ark.
Edgile MSP, Security National Austin, Texas
eLogic Dynamics, SAP, Cloud, Azure International Victor, N.Y.
eMazzanti Technologies MSP, SI, Security International Hoboken, N.J.
Enabling Technologies SI, MSP, Azure, Cloud East Estero, Fla.
Encore Technology Group LLC SI, MSP, Cloud, Unified Communications International Greenville, S.C.
Endsight SI, MSP West Berkeley, Calif.
Ensono SI, CAD, MSP, Azure, SAP International Downers Grove, Ill.
Enterprise Integration MSP, SI, Cloud, Security, Data/AI East Jacksonville, Fla.
ePlus Inc. SI, MSP, Data/AI, Security International Herndon, Va.
EPMA Project International Houston, Texas
Executech MSP, SI, Azure, Cloud, Security West South Jordan, Utah
Express Information Accounting, Dynamics Central San Antonio, Texas
EY Accounting, SI International New York, N.Y. (US)
Finastra ISV, Financial International New York, N.Y. (US)
FlintFox Dynamics, SI, MSP International Denver, Colo. (US)
FMT Consultants Dynamics East, West Carlsbad, Calif.
Forsyte IT Solutions SI, MSP, Azure, Cloud, WVD, Security East, West Richmond, Va.
Fortinet ISV, Security International Sunnyvale, Calif.
Fusion Connect MSP, Cloud, Direct CSP, Unified Communications International Atlanta, Ga.
Geocent LLC SI, CAD, Cloud Central, East Metairie, La.
Global Knowledge Training National Cary, N.C. MSP, Cloud, Direct CSP International Scottsdale, Ariz.
GreenPages LLC SI, MSP East Kittery, Maine
Hanu Software Solutions Inc. SI, MSP, Azure Expert MSP, Azure, OSS, Direct CSP International Princeton, N.J.
HashiCorp SI, Azure, OSS International San Francisco, Calif.
HCL America Inc. SI, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, Security, Data/AI, SAP, Kubernetes International Sunnyvale, Calif.
Health Catalyst SI, Data/AI, Healthcare National Salt Lake City, Utah
Henson Group SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, Direct CSP, Security International New York, N.Y.
Herjavec Group MSP, Security International Los Angeles (US)
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise LLC Indirect Provider International Houston, Texas
Hexaware Technologies SI, Azure, Data/AI National Iselin, N.J. (US)
High Performance Systems Inc. SI, Cloud, Azure Hawaii Honolulu, Hawai
Hitachi Solutions America SI, Cloud, Dynamics, Azure International Irvine, Calif.
HMB Inc. SI Central Westerville, Ohio
Homnick Systems Inc. SI, Azure, SharePoint, Data/AI East Boca Raton, Fla.
HSO Dynamics, MSP International New York, N.Y. (U.S.)
I.B.I.S. Inc. (A Sonata Software Co.) Dynamics, Manufacturing, Retail National Peachtree Corners, Ga.
Icertis ISV, Data/AI International Bellevue, Wash.
iCorps SI, MSP, Cloud, SharePoint, Azure East, Central Woburn, Mass.
Ignatiuz Software SI, MSP, Cloud, SharePoint, Azure East Exton, Pa.
Incorta ISV, Data/AI, Azure International San Mateo, Calif.
Incycle SI, CAD, Azure, Kubernetes, Data/AI International New York, N.Y.
Informatica ISV, Data/AI International Redwood City, Calif.
Infosys Ltd. SI, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, SAP International Redmond, Wash. (US)
Ingram Micro Indirect Provider International Irvine, Calif.
Innovative-e Inc. Project, Cloud National Merritt Island, Fla.
Insight Enterprises Inc. Indirect Provider, SI, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, Kubernetes National Tempe, Ariz.
Intech SI, MSP, Azure, Data/AI Puerto Rico San Juan, P.R.
Integrated Computer Systems Support Inc. Dynamics, SI, Cloud National Redmond, Wash.
Integrated IT Solutions Inc. MSP, SI East Milford, Mass.
Intellinet SI, Data/AI, Azure, Cloud, Security East, Central Atlanta, Ga.
Intellipoint Technologies SI, MSP Central Loveland, Ohio
Interlink Cloud Advisors SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure, Security Central Mason, Ohio
Intermedia Indirect Provider, Cloud, Direct CSP, Security, Unified Communications International Sunnyvale, Calif.
intY Indirect Provider International Seattle, Wash.
Inviso Corp. SI, Azure, Data/AI International Bellevue, Wash.
IOTAP Dynamics, MSP International Reston, Va.
ISC Staffing East Tallahassee, Fla.
itSynergy SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure, Security West Phoenix, Ariz.
IV4 Inc. MSP, Cloud, Direct CSP, Azure, Security East Fairport, N.Y.
Jack Henry & Associates SI, Financial National Monett, Mo.
Jelecos SI, AWS Central Omaha, Neb.
JourneyTeam Dynamics, MSP, Cloud National Midvale, Utah
Jvion SI, Healthcare, Data/AI National Suwanee, Ga.
Kainos SI, Azure, Kubernetes, Data/AI International Atlanta, Indianapolis (US)
KenSci SI, Healthcare, Data/AI International Seattle, Wash.
Key Information Systems Inc. SI, Cloud, Azure, Data/AI, Security West Agoura Hills, Calif.
KiZAN Technologies SI, MSP, CAD, Azure, Cloud, Data/AI, Unified Communications National Louisville, Ky.
KPCS Consulting LLC MSP, SI, CAD, Cloud, Direct CSP, Azure West San Rafael, Calif. (US)
KPMG Consulting Co. Accounting, SI International New York, N.Y.
Kraft Kennedy SI, MSP, Legal, Security National New York, N.Y.
LBMC Technology Solutions Dynamics National Brentwood, Tenn.
Ledgeview Partners Dynamics Central, West Appleton, Wis.
Lenovo Inc. Indirect Provider International Research Triangle Park, N.C.
Lighthouse Technology Partners SI, MSP, Cloud, Licensing, Security East Greenwich, Conn.
LiveTiles ISV, Cloud International Rochester, N.Y.
Lloyd Group SI, MSP East Princeton, N.J.
Logicalis SI, MSP, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, Cloud International New York, N.Y. (US)
Logically SI, MSP, Cloud, Security, Azure National Portland, Maine
Lumen21 Inc. SI, Cloud, Healthcare National Orange, Calif.
Lunavi SI, CAD, MSP, Azure, Azure Expert MSP National Cheyenne, Wyo.
Magenium Solutions LLC SI, MSP, Dynamics, Cloud, Azure, Unified Communications National Glen Ellyn, Ill.
Magna5 MSP, Cloud, Security, Unified Communications National Frisco, Texas
Managed Solution SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure, WVD, Licensing West San Diego, Calif.
Marco Technologies LLC MSP, Cloud, Unified Communications Central St. Cloud, Minn.
Mariner SI, Manufacturing, IoT National Charlotte, N.C.
Martin and Associates Dynamics, Cloud East Cincinnati, Ohio
Matrixforce SI, Cloud, Azure, Security Central Tulsa, Okla.
Meridian IT SI, MSP, Azure, Security National Deerfield, Ill.
Merit Solutions Dynamics, Healthcare International Wheaton, Ill.
MetaOption LLC Dynamics, Cloud, Azure East Jersey City, N.J.
Micro Force Dynamics East Huntington Station, N.Y.
Miles Technologies MSP, SI, CAD, Cloud East, Central Moorestown, N.J.
Mindtree Ltd. SI International Warren, N.J. (US)
Motifworks SI, Azure, Data/AI National Towson, Md.
MSRCosmos SI, Cloud, Direct CSP, SAP International Seattle, Wash.
myCloudDoor SI, MSP, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, SAP International Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Navisite MSP, SI, Azure, Azure Expert MSP National Andover, Mass.
NetGain Technologies MSP National Lexington, Ky.
Netrix LLC SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure, Security Central, West Bannockburn, Ill.
NetStandard Inc. MSP Central Kansas City, Kan.
Netsurit SI, MSP, Azure, WVD International Brooklyn, N.Y. (US)
Netswitch Technology Management MSP, Security International San Francisco, Calif.
Network Center Inc. SI, MSP, Azure, Data/AI Central Fargo, N.D.
Network Outsource Inc. MSP, Cloud, Security East New Hyde Park, N.Y.
Neudesic LLC SI, MSP, CAD, Azure, Dynamics, Cloud National Irvine, Calif.
New Era Technology SI, MSP International New York, N.Y.
Newwave Telecom and Technologies Inc. SI, Azure, Kubernetes National Elkridge, Md.
NexTek LLC SI, Cloud Central Memphis, Tenn.
NexusTek SI, MSP National Greenwood Village, Colo.
Nihilent SI, CAD, Azure, SAP, Data/AI, Dynamics International Roseville, Minn. (US)
Nortec SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure, Security East, West Falls Church, Va.
Ntiva MSP, SI, CAD, Cloud, Security East, Central McLean, Va.
NTT Data Services SI, MSP, CAD, Data/AI, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, SAP International Plano, Texas (US)
NTT Ltd. SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, Security, SAP National Dallas, Texas
NuMSP MSP, SI, Security National Clifton, N.J.
NWN Corp. SI, MSP National Waltham, Mass.
Oakwood Systems Group Inc. SI, MSP, CAD, Azure, Cloud, WVD Central St. Louis, Mo.
Occam Group SI Central Edina, Minn.
One Identity (A Quest Company) ISV, Security, Compliance, Education International Aliso Viejo, Calif.
OneNeck IT Solutions MSP, SI, Azure, Cloud, Security National Chicago, Ill.
OnePath Systems MSP, SI, Cloud, Azure, Data/AI National Kennesaw, Ga.
Optimum Modern Software Solutions SI, CAD, Cloud, SharePoint, Data/AI Central Houston, Texas
OTT Dynamics, Azure, Data/AI Central St. Paul, Minn.
Outsource IT Solutions Group MSP, SI, Cloud, Security Central Naperville, Ill.
Pariveda Solutions Inc. SI, CAD, Azure, Data/AI National Dallas, Texas
Pax8 Indirect Provider National Greenwood, Colo.
PC Connection Inc. SI, MSP, Azure, Cloud, Security, Licensing National Merrimack, N.H.
PEI (Performance Enhancements Inc.) SI, MSP, Cloud, Direct CSP, Azure, Security, Unified Communications West, Central Boulder, Colo.
Perficient Inc. SI, Cloud, Dynamics, Azure International St. Louis, Mo.
Peters & Associates SI, MSP, Azure, Cloud, SharePoint, Security Central Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.
Phidiax LLC SI, Data/AI, Azure, Cloud West Denver, Colo.
Planet Technologies Inc. SI, Azure, Cloud, Security, Government National Germantown, Md.
Power Consulting SI, MSP, Security East New York, N.Y.
PowerObjects (An HCL Co.) Dynamics, Direct CSP, Cloud International Minneapolis, Minn.
Premier Computing Dynamics, MSP, Cloud West South Jordan, Utah
PROS Inc. Dynamics, ISV International Houston, Texas
Protera Technologies MSP, Azure, SAP International Westchester, Ill.
Protiviti SI, MSP, Azure, SAP International Menlo Park, Calif.
Prototype:IT MSP, SI Central Lewisville, Texas
Proxios MSP, SI East Richmond, Va.
PTC SI, Azure,Manufacturing International Boston, Mass.
Qnovate Solutions Inc. SI, Azure, SAP International Exton, Pa. (US)
Queue Associates Inc. Dynamics International New York, N.Y.
Quisitive SI, Azure, Data/AI, Cloud International Irving, Texas
Rackspace Indirect Provider, MSP, SI, Direct CSP, Cloud, Azure, Azure Expert MSP International San Antonio, Texas
RapidDeploy ISV, Public Safety International Austin, Texas
RBA Consulting SI, CAD, MSP, Data/AI, Cloud, Azure, Dynamics National Wayzata, Minn.
RDA Corp. SI, CAD, MSP, Data/AI, Cloud, Azure East Hunt Valley, Md.
Red Level Group SI, MSP, CAD, Cloud, Data/AI, Security Central Novi, Mich.
Red River SI, MSP, Data/AI, Cloud, Azure National Claremont, N.H.
Redapt SI, MSP, Azure, WVD West Woodinville, Wash.
Rehmann Accounting, MSP, Security Central, East Troy, Mich.
responsiveX CAD, Azure Central Chicago, Ill.
Ricoh Americas SI, MSP, Cloud National Exton, Pa.
Right Networks MSP, Cloud, QuickBooks National Hudson, N.H.
Rightpoint SI, Data/AI National Chicago, Ill.
RSM US LLP Accounting, Dynamics International Chicago, Ill.
SaaSplaza Inc. Indirect Provider, MSP, Cloud, Direct CSP, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, Dynamics International Carlsbad, Calif.
Sagiss MSP, Azure, Cloud Central Irving, Texas
SAGlobal Dynamics, Data/AI International Marietta, Ga.
Saviant Consulting CAD, SI, Data/AI, Azure, Xamarin International Hamden, Ct.
Scalability Experts Inc. SI, Data/AI International Dallas, Texas
Scantron MSP, Cloud, Unified Communications National Eagan, Minn.
ScerIS Inc. SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure East Marlborough, Mass.
Seepath Solutions SI, MSP, Azure, Cloud, Direct CSP, Dynamics, Security East Jersey City, N.J.
Seismic ISV, Dynamics National San Diego, Calif.
Sensei Project Solutions Inc. Project National Phoenix, Ariz.
Sherweb Indirect Provider International Newark, Del. (US)
SHI International Corp. SI, MSP, Licensing, Azure, Cloud, Security International Somerset, N.J.
Sikich LLP Accounting, MSP, Dynamics, Azure, Security National Naperville, Ill.
Silicus (an Infogain company) SI, CAD, Azure, Data/AI, Cloud, IoT, Dynamics National Houston, Texas
Sirius Computer Solutions SI, MSP, Direct CSP, Cloud, Azure National San Antonio, Texas
Slalom Consulting SI, Azure, Data/AI, Cloud International Seattle, Wash.
SNP Technologies Inc. SI, MSP, Azure, Direct CSP, Cloud, OSS, Kubernetes East Hamden, Conn.
Softchoice SI, MSP, Licensing, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, Cloud, WVD International Chicago, Ill.
Softech WorldWide LLC SI, Data/AI, Azure East Sterling, Va.
SoftwareONE Indirect Provider, Licensing, SI, MSP, Azure, Cloud, Security International Waukesha, Wis. (US)
Sogeti (part of Capgemini) SI, MSP, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, Cloud, Data/AI, Security International Dayton, Ohio
Solvex CAD, MSP, SI, Azure, Data/AI, Cloud International Doral, Fla.
Springthrough Consulting Inc. CAD, SI, MSP,  Central Grand Rapids, Mich.
Starfish Computer Corp. MSP Central Cleveland, Ohio
Strategic SaaS SI, Cloud, Azure Central Austin, Texas
Stratum Technology Management LLC SI, MSP, Direct CSP, Azure, AWS National Sugar Land, Texas
Summit 7 Systems SI, MSP, Azure, Cloud, Dynamics, Government National Huntsville, Ala.
Sunrise Technologies Dynamics, Manufacturing, Retail National Winston-Salem, N.C.
Superior Consulting Services (SCS) LLC CAD, SI, Data/AI, Azure, Cloud Central, West Burnsville, Minn.
Swan Island Networks ISV, Security West Portland, Ore.
SyCom Technologies SI, Cloud, Azure East Richmond, Va.
Sycor Americas Inc. Dynamics, Cloud East Pittsburgh, Pa. (U.S.)
SymQuest Group Inc. (A Konica Minolta Co.) MSP, Cloud East South Burlington, Vt.
Synergy SI, MSP, CAD, SharePoint International Westport, Conn.
SYNNEX Indirect Provider International Fremont, Calif.
Systems Engineering MSP, SI, CAD, Cloud, Azure, Security East, West Portland, Maine
Tad Nelson Consulting SI Central Morris, Ill.
Tallan Inc. SI, CAD, MSP, Azure, Data/AI, Cloud National Glastonbury, Conn.
Taqtile Inc. ISV, HoloLens National Seattle, Wash.
TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) SI, CAD, Cloud, Azure, Data/AI, Dynamics International Rockville, Md. (US)
Tech Data Corp. Indirect Provider International Clearwater, Fla.
Tech Dispatch SI, Cloud West, Alaska Anchorage, Alaska
Tech Heads MSP, Cloud, Security West Portland, Ore.
Tech Mahindra Ltd. SI, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, Data/AI, Security, Kubernetes International Houston, Texas
TechMD SI,MSP, Security West Santa Ana, Calif.
Thrive Networks MSP, SI National Tewksbury, Mass.
True|IT Dynamics, MSP West Fargo, N.D.
UDT SI, MSP, Cloud, Healthcare East Miramar, Fla.
Unify Cloud LLC SI, MSP, Azure, Cloud,Direct CSP East, West Redmond, Wash.
Unisys Corp. SI, MSP, Azure Expert MSP, Azure, Cloud, Direct CSP International Blue Bell, Pa.
Uptime Legal Systems SI, Cloud, Legal Central, East Eden Prairie, Minn.
Valorem Reply SI, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, Data/AI, HoloLens Central, West Kansas City, Mo.
Veeam ISV International Irvine, Calif. (U.S.)
Velocity Network Inc. MSP East Erie, Pa.
Velosio Indirect Provider, Dynamics International Dublin, Ohio
Vintage IT Services MSP, SI, Cloud, Security Central Austin, Texas
Vitalyst Training National Bala Cynwyd, Pa.
Vorsite Corp. SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure, SharePoint, Security West Seattle, Wash.
WAMS Inc. MSP, SI, Azure West Brea, Calif.
Weaver Technologies LLC SI, MSP Central Fredericksburg, Texas
West Monroe Partners LLC SI, Data/AI National Chicago, Ill.
Wharfedale SI, Azure, SAP East Lawrenceville, N.J.
Wicresoft MSP, SI, Staffing International Bellevue, Wash.
WinWire Technologies Inc. SI, MSP, Azure, Cloud, Dynamics, Data/AI, Healthcare National Santa Clara, Calif.
Wipfli LLC Accounting, SI, Dynamics National Milwaukee, Wis.
Wipro SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure, Azure Expert MSP, SAP, Kubernetes International East Brunswick, N.J. (US)
workMETHODS Solutions Inc. SI, MSP, Security, SharePoint East Reston, Va.
WorkSmart MSP, SI, Security East Durham, N.C.
Workspot ISV, Azure National Campbell, Calif.
Worldwide Technology Inc. (WWT) SI, Azure International Maryland Heights, Mo.
Xantrion Inc. MSP, SI, Security West Oakland, Calif.
ZAG Technical Services Inc. SI, MSP, Cloud, Azure West San Jose, Calif.
Zones Inc. SI, Azure, Cloud National Auburn, Wash.

About the Author

Scott Bekker is editor in chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.


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    2024 Microsoft Conference Calendar: For Partners, IT Pros and Developers

    Here's your guide to all the IT training sessions, partner meet-ups and annual Microsoft conferences you won't want to miss.

  • End of the Road for Kaspersky in the United States

    Kaspersky on Monday said it is shuttering its U.S. operations, just days before a nationwide ban on sales of its security software was set to take effect.