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  • Bridging the Gap Between Microsoft Teams and On-Premises Telephone Networks

    This TechTalk white paper covers a recent Redmondmag.com Webcast featuring Nathan O’Bryan, a Microsoft Certified Solutions Master in messaging and Tom Minifie, Director of Product Management at OpenTextTM covered how to improve Teams’ performance and how an organization can maximize their investment through connecting Teams and existing voice infrastructure.

  • Data Sheet: eSentire MDR with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

    eSentire protects your assets 24/7 no matter where users or data reside. eSentire MDR combines elite threat hunting with the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint platform to eliminate blind spots. Leveraging Microsoft threat detection and intelligence as well as our predictive threat modeling and proprietary machine learning, our team of experts can identify potential unknown and zero-day threats. For the most elusive of threats, an elite team of eSentire threat hunters rapidly investigate and neutralize compromised endpoints on your behalf, preventing lateral spread. Supporting the full incident response lifecycle, we work alongside your security team to determine root cause and corrective actions, ensuring your environment is hardened against future business disruption.

  • Data Sheet: eSentire MDR with Microsoft Defender for Office 365

    eSentire MDR with Microsoft Defender for Office 365 provides robust email threat detection, investigation, and complete response on a 24/7 basis. Our dedicated security experts from eSentire’s global Security Operations Centers (SOC) leverage Microsoft Defender for Office 365’s highly integrated email security solution to detect and hunt both common and sophisticated email threats before they disrupt your business.

  • Case Study: How eSentire Accelerated Email Security Efficiency with Microsoft Defender for Office 365

    Phishing and spoofing attack volume has increased substantially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With over 1000 customers globally and our own 24/7 operations to safeguard, maintaining an effective email security posture is extremely important. To that end, in 2020 eSentire deployed Microsoft Defender for Office 365 as our primary enterprise email security tool. The following is a summary of the results eSentire’s enterprise security team has seen so far.

  • Dissecting Today's Ransomware Ecosystem

    In this report, eSentire’s Threat Response Unit (TRU) experts delve into the emergence of Ransomware-as-a-Service and discuss how criminals use this business model to perform both opportunistic and targeted attacks against victim organizations. We will share case studies along with our observations on the most popular initial access techniques used by these groups using real attacks. And finally, we will provide a set of actionable security takeaways that can be utilized to combat ransomware threats going forward.

  • The Complete Guide to Gaining Control of Shadow IT

    IT departments need to keep up with the demand for SaaS applications while delivering secure and compliant offerings. They can’t become a blocker, as they'll have to deal with the real risk of Shadow IT.

  • SaaSOps: The Ultimate Roadmap to Managing SaaS Applications

    MSPs are building SaaSOps services to keep pace with the sheer number of SaaS apps, mitigate the associated security and financial risks and add value to their clients. Start delivering SaaSOps services today.

  • SaaS Services Go-to-Market Kit

    Augmentt Academy has brought to the market the essential training, tools and resources to help MSPs successfully prepare an easy and effective Go-To-Market plan.

  • 8 Essential Features You Need in Your Next Healthcare Collaboration Solution

    In healthcare operations, every meeting has the potential to impact the well-being of patients, making the right collaboration solution essential. This ebook describes the eight crucial features your next collaboration tool must have.

  • 8 Essential Features to Look for in Your Next Classroom Collaboration Solution

    Digital technology has completely revolutionized the learning experience. A critical element of digital learning is unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solution. This ebook lays out the eight crucial features a classroom UCC platform must have.

  • 8 Essential Features to Look for in Your Next Business Collaboration Solution

    A company that can improve collaboration between employees, clients, and leaders will have a natural advantage over more siloed competitors. This ebook describes eight features that should be a part of your next collaboration solution.

  • Partner’s Guide to the Microsoft 365 E5 Security Opportunity

    The E5 subscription suite in Microsoft 365 presents partners with a large opportunity to add value for customers and revenues for themselves. Security is a major, if not the major, selling point of the E5 suite. In this guide, you’ll find out which security messages resonate around E5 right now, what E5 security components are most important, and what partners must to do to support the E5 capabilities.

  • Conversational Teams Management and Migration

    The pandemic forced many of us to quickly adopt solutions such as Microsoft Teams without having the luxury of having enough time for careful planning. This eBook provides a deep dive into Teams – what the native tools are and are not capable of, and why you may need to take a step back and consider the risks posed by your current Teams deployment.

  • Deploy Microsoft Teams the Right Way - 5 Mistakes to Avoid

    Microsoft Teams plays the role of the Great Unifier for your organization. By training, you would read up on, talk about and experiment with such pervasive technology, right? If only there were time for that. This eBook explores five commonly overlooked artifacts of adopting Teams.

  • The Definitive Guide to Running a Superior Help Desk

    In this definitive guide, Liongard's Director of Partner Success Kendrics Hawkins and CEO Joe Alapat take you inside the help desks of successful Managed Services Providers to learn how to elevate your support game.

  • The Definitive Guide to IT Security

    In this definitive guide, Liongard contributors Art Chavez (Information and Application Security Architect) and Vincent Tran (CISSP, Founder and COO) will take you through the various ways your MSP can protect itself and your customers, including:

  • 2021 Webroot BrightCloud Threat Report

    In this report, we’ll break down a broad range of threat activity, offer insights into the trends we’ve observed, discuss wide-reaching impacts across industries, geographies, companies and people, and reveal what our threat experts expect to see in the coming year.