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  • How Quest Helps MSPs Evolve in Changing Times

    Choosing the right technology partner can make or break an MSP’s chances success. A partner that’s overly focused on products instead of solutions can lead to failures in compatibility and gaps in functionality – two very expensive mistakes. Tech leaders like Quest can address an MSP’s unique needs in a comprehensive way, enabling MSPs – and their customers – to succeed in this new landscape. Learn more in this paper.

  • Partner Profile: How Tech Data and Microsoft Can Provide Strengthened Data Protection

    When it comes to improving data protection in Office 365, IT distribution giant Tech Data sees a big opportunity for partners. In this Partner Profile, cloud solutions director Mike Ward describes how partners can capitalize on this backup opportunity by urging customers to move to Microsoft 365 Business Premium and to adopt a powerful third-party backup solution like Veeam Backup for Office 365. Together, these products give partners a more robust and cost-effective backup framework to pitch to customers -- a win for everyone involved.

  • Digital Dialogue: Parallels Service Provider (PSP) Program Overview

    Read this Digital Dialogue to find out how Parallels solution delivers virtual client computing featuring allowing mixing and matching different Operating Systems and technologies. It is multi-cloud ready and hypervisor agnostic.

  • Video - Qorus Content Hub for Microsoft Partner Network

    Microsoft Partner Network + Qorus Content Hub: Learn more about how Qorus Content Hub can enable your sales and marketing teams.

  • Video - Microsoft Partner Network - Qorus Content Hub

    Members of the Microsoft Partner Network can learn more about Qorus Content Hub

  • Microsoft accelerates channel sales with Qorus Content Hub

    Microsoft has partnered with Qorus Software to license its sales enablement solution, ‘Qorus Content Hub’ as an added benefit available to all members of the Microsoft Partner Network. Qorus Content Hub allows users to find, create, personalize, and share sales and marketing content without having to leave the Office applications.

  • The Keys to An Effective Channel Incentive Program

    In this eBook, we’ll define what an effective incentive program looks like, and then dive into eight creative tactics you can put into place to achieve your program goals.

  • Why (And How) to Sell Cloud Services

    More and more applications are making the move from on-premise to cloud-based. It’s up to you to stay ahead of the curve by proactively offering cloud services as a new practice area for your clients. This eBook is your guide to understanding the benefits of cloud and selling cloud services.

  • The KPIs Top MSPs Rely on for Success & How to Use Them in Your Business

    The most successful MSPs rely on metrics – known as key performance indicators (KPIs) – for making informed decisions that help their businesses thrive, rather than just survive. This eBook provides an overview of the most important KPIs used by top MSPs. See how to use KPIs to build a more sustainable business.

  • The Ultimate Guide to-as-a-Service

    The new Ultimate Guide to As-a-Service can help you take your IT business to the next level. Learn how to introduce new practice areas, like cloud services; create tailored service bundles and set up monthly recurring revenue, and more. Download your free copy of the guide now!

  • A Complete Guide to Pricing IT Services

    Do you wonder if your IT business is truly profitable or if you should raise your prices? Learn how to calculate your overhead burden using our free interactive tool and use it to determine the right price for your IT services. Download eBook Now!

  • Practical Guide to Ensuring Availability at Edge Computing Sites

    IT stakeholders recognize the need for computing at distributed sites, where part or all of their business operations take place. Assessing the criticality of these edge sites should reveal which sites are in greater need of availability improvement. Schneider’s experience with edge computing environment assessments reveals a list of practical actions that improve the availability of IT operations by improving the physical infrastructure systems supporting the IT. This paper provides specific availability improvements broken down by eight key systems including power, cooling, physical security, environment, and management.

  • Cost Benefit Analysis of Edge Micro Data Center Deployments

    Several IT trends including internet of things (IoT) and content distribution networks (CDN) are driving the need to reduce telecommunications latency and bandwidth costs. Distributing “micro” data centers closer to the points of utilization reduces the latency and costs from the cloud or other remote data centers. This distributed data center architecture also provides physical infrastructure benefits that apply to any small data center regardless of the latency requirement. This paper explains how micro data centers take advantage of existing infrastructure and demonstrates how this architecture reduces capital expenses by 42% over a traditional build. Other benefits are discussed including shorter project timelines.

  • Q&A with Monty Sagal, Channel Enablement and Compliance Director, CloudAlly

    Read this Q&A with Monty Sagal, Channel Enablement and Compliance Director, CloudAlly, to find out how it is helping partners by explaining cloud adoption and SaaS backup needs to end users and providing one-on-one demos.

  • The MSP's Guide to Business Growth Using the Cloud

    Learn how to grow your business, increase your profits, and provide your customers with a trusted backup solution, in an Amazon AWS data center. Enable the fastest & most secure cloud-to-cloud backup solution for your customers.

  • Redmond Channel Partner Profile

    Read this Q&A with John O’Boyle, Director of Marketing and Channels at Quest Software to find out how Quest helps partners sell backup and disaster recovery solutions by providing technical training and sales support.

  • Smart-UPS Lithium-ion short-depth UPS 120V

    Read this paper to find out how APC Smart-UPS with Lithium-ion technology enables IT professionals to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by minimizing UPS maintenance and offering remote UPS management across distributed environments.