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    The MSP’s 10-Point Guide to Success

    You can start by firing your worst customers. Julian Lee, president of TechnoPlanet, will tell you 10 best secrets to success in this eBook. He surveyed several top-selling MSPs and VARs to find out what they are doing to stay on top of their game. Learn more.

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    4 Great Ways to Make Your Customers Happy

    Marketing Specialist Marc Gordon says most customers do not want to be “wowed” by a vendor. They are looking for services that are easy, convenient and stress-free. This eBook gives you Marc Gordon’s four-point plan for success. Learn more.

  • A Guide to Improving Availability and Taking Control of Office 365 Email

    The rapid growth of Microsoft Office 365 is creating opportunities for IT managers to leverage Exchange Online as an efficient cloud-based email platform. But, Office 365 also brings challenges, particularly in meeting today’s stringent Availability, cost control and regulatory compliance requirements. Learn more.

  • The Case for Office 365 Backup

    his 5-minute, easy-to-read document explains why organizations need to protect Office 365 data. Learn more.

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    The Art of Marketing a Business Continuity Solution

    Read this white paper to find out how MSPs can cost-effectively put together a bundled and branded Business Continuity solution that they can confidently and profitably sell to their customers.

  • The MSP’s Technical Guide to Providing Backup-as-a-Service

    Providing a Backup-as-a-Service is much more than just making backups and charging a monthly fee. So, what should your BaaS offering look like? Learn more.

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    The Office 365 Sales Enablement Toolkit

    Reselling Office 365 is a profitable business, but closing deals can sometimes feel overwhelming. Where do you start, and what do you say? This is a big part of your business—but perhaps not an easy one. Learn more.

  • Email Security for Office 365

    93% of network breaches include a phishing or spear-phishing attack. Download this paper for insight into these threats and how to augment Office 365 security with AI-based predictive email defense to block advanced attacks.

  • Gartner - How to Enhance the Security of Office 365

    By 2020, 50% of Office 365 clients will rely on third-party solutions. Download this Gartner report for insight into Office 365’s security capabilities and discover areas, such as anti-phishing and anti-malware, that require additional protection.

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    Managing Technicians in an MSP Business for Profitability - MSP Playbook - Part Two

    This three Part MSP Playbook provides practical advice for managing technicians in an MSP business for profitability. Read now!