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  • E-Book: 5 Ways Service Providers Profit with Veeam Backup

    Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who offer modern backup and disaster recovery services not only give clients peace of mind, they also establish long-term relationships built on trust. Learn how to deliver data protection services that are flexible, efficient, automated and profitable — without having to custom build each stack.

  • E-Book: Service Providers Gain Access to 400k+ Customers

    Drive revenue and build client account value with Veeam Off-site Backup. Your clients look to you to modernize and optimize their data backup and protection strategies. So, it’s critical that your services are powered by simple, flexible and reliable solutions to help them meet recovery service level agreements (SLAs).

  • The Customer‑Centric Guide to Selling Backup for Resellers and Distributors

    How to Speak to Your Customers’ Needs. Are all backup and data management needs the same? While most customers have the same top priorities — protection, simplicity and reliability — each customer has their own unique set of circumstances. How can you determine the best approach for each of your customers?

  • 5 Ways to Answer Customer Demand with Veeam

    In today’s highly competitive market, your customers are looking for the vendor that makes them feel their data is perfectly safe and protected, while also making their life easier. Download this e-book and find out how Veeam can help you approach your customers’ needs to create and expand customer demand.

  • The Modern IT Playbook for Managed Service Providers

    Throughout this playbook, we’ve outlined some of the key changes impacting the global managed services industry and provided recommendations to help MSPs confidently navigate the increasingly complex business landscape. Each chapter highlighted emerging trends you need to be aware of and their impact on your relationship with clients.

  • Protect and Grow your Business with Egnyte

    Egnyte partners with IT Service Providers to bring content collaboration and governance to organizations all over the world. Our diverse set of partners serve customers of all sizes and industries globally.

  • A Profitable Way to Retire File Servers

    Learn how you can replace on-premises file servers with a cloud-based alternative that simplifies administration and reduces support costs.

  • How Quest Helps MSPs Evolve in Changing Times

    Choosing the right technology partner can make or break an MSP’s chances success. A partner that’s overly focused on products instead of solutions can lead to failures in compatibility and gaps in functionality – two very expensive mistakes. Tech leaders like Quest can address an MSP’s unique needs in a comprehensive way, enabling MSPs – and their customers – to succeed in this new landscape. Learn more in this paper.

  • Survey Shows Phishing Attacks Are Up and Few Are Spared

    Three hundred global IT executives agreed to talk with IDG Research and Carbonite + Webroot about the current state of phishing attacks. Two years after they hit historic highs at the beginning of the pandemic, they remain high with 93% of executives still concerned. Further, 37% suffered downtime of more than a day in the last year while ‘gaps in skills / expertise’ remain a challenge to battling back. But not all is lost - learn how a multi-tiered approach to security can stem the tide of phishing attacks and protect you and your business.

  • Fact or Fiction - Perceptions and Misconceptions on AI and Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

    Over the years, we’ve seen continuing global confusion around artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies and their role in cybersecurity and business continuity. And yet, adoption continues rising. In our latest survey, 93% of enterprises use AI/ML-enabled security, yet 55% admit they are unsure what that means. Download the eBook to discover what IT pros at enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses know about AI/ML-enabled cybersecurity, which security areas they plan to focus on in the year ahead, and how you can use AI/ML tools to ensure endless uptime and resilience against threats and data loss.

  • Small and Midsize Businesses: Rip the Target Off Your Backs

    SMBs have limited time and IT resources, and a lot on their plates – especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Unfortunately, SMBs have become the biggest target for ransomware attacks, and they need to face the harsh truth that ransomware can wreak havoc with data, budget and reputation. This paper will debunk the most common myths surrounding ransomware, and present ways to help prevent ransomware attacks, protect data and ensure an adequate recovery procedure.

  • COVID-19 Clicks - How Phishing Capitalized on a Global Crises

    As a cybercriminal tactic, phishing has been around for a long time. So why is such an old method of internet trickery still so common? The answer is simple: because it’s still wildly successful. So why are people still clicking?

  • Security Tips for Protecting your Backup Servers

    Businesses today are evaluating and implementing a multi-layered approach to securing and protecting company data. This paper will focus on additional measures and techniques to specifically protect the backup environment, as well as the Carbonite multi-layer approach for securing your data, part of our cyber resilience philosophy.

  • How Secure is Your Cloud Data?

    While the public health crisis will eventually fade, flexible remote work arrangements are likely here to stay. Remote workers may continue to be as productive as before, or better, but only if their cloud data and applications are safe from the common causes of data loss.

  • Lockdown Lessons eBook

    They say the best defense is a good offense, but in cybersecurity we often say the best defense is prevention. Yet, as cybercriminals continue to innovate and refine their methods, the truth is complete prevention of attacks may never be fully possible.

  • The Hidden Costs of Ransomware

    The true cost of ransomware infections includes more than just the ransomware payment. Even with security measures in place, defensive layers must be implemented to reduce the threat surface area. We spoke with business leaders and IT professionals to find out how their organizations were affected by ransomware, beyond losing access to their data and paying a ransom.

  • The Definitive Guide to Sales

    In this definitive guide, several sales experts in the managed services industry, including Liongard’s Chief Revenue Officer, Adam Slutskin, share their best advice about how to go beyond referrals to grow your business at scale.