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  • Partner's Guide to Guidance in the Transition from MPN to MCPP

    In a few months, the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) will be replaced by the new Microsoft Cloud Partner Program (MCPP). Partners trying to navigate the switch will need help from a well-informed CSP Indirect Provider, one that understands all the intricacies of the new MCPP. This special report, sponsored by AppRiver, details what qualifications partners should look for.

  • Datto's Global State of the Channel Ransomware Report

    Read Datto’s Global State of the Channel Ransomware Report to learn what 1,000+ MSPs are seeing with regard to attack frequency, tactics, average ransom, and downtime costs.

  • 2022 Data Protection Trends Executive Brief for Partners

    The pace for change in IT continues to rise, but how exactly are companies adapting for Modern Data Protection? Between October and December 2021, an independent research firm surveyed over 3,000 IT decision makers and IT professionals about their IT and data protection drivers and strategies heading into 2022. This report showcases the challenges, disruptions and opportunities our customers will face through 2022 and beyond. These drivers for change provide key opportunity areas to better serve your customers and grow your business.

  • Microsoft 365 BaaS for MSPs

    Data protection, backups and business continuity continue to be a top priority in many organizations. As a service provider, extending or introducing Backup as a Service (BaaS) to protect your customer’s Microsoft 365 investment offers a host of benefits from a business, technical and customer perspective.

  • Redmond Channel Partner Profile: A Different Kind of Indirect CSP Provider, AppRiver Goes Above and Beyond for MSPs

    Collaborating with a qualified Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) that knows how to help partners maximize their margins is invaluable for MSPs. This Redmond Channel Partner Profile describes how Indirect CSP partner AppRiver does just that. With deep expertise in Microsoft's various cloud solutions and its proprietary suite of complementary cloud products, AppRiver can help MSPs differentiate themselves and increase margins.

  • Infographic: What is the New Commerce Experience?

    Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience: Modernizes Microsoft’s purchasing processes; Aligns with other Microsoft purchase options; Provides new licensing and monthly subscription options; Introduces a premium price for monthly subscriptions.

  • Best Practices Guide: Preparing for Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience

    Microsoft recently unveiled a multi-stage, multi-year investment in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program to help companies reduce complexity and achieve better purchasing flexibility. The new commerce experience brings the CSP program into alignment with other programs, such as the Enterprise Agreement. It and includes new licensing and monthly subscription options for commercial licenses so that all customers have a consistent purchasing experience and are subject to the same terms and conditions for cloud purchases regardless of the Microsoft sales motion. Zix | AppRiver is here to help our partners navigate these changes and the corresponding effects on your business.

  • DataSheet: Microsoft 365 and AppRiver: Simpler Together

    When you purchase Microsoft’s iconic suite of workplace tools (everything from Word and SharePoint to Teams and Stream) through AppRiver, you get better service. And if you layer in AppRiver security and compliance, you a get best-practice configuration out-of- the-box for a faster, more secure setup that requires less ongoing administration.

  • 2022 BrightCloud Threat Report

    In this year’s BrightCloud Threat Report, we delve into the developments affecting businesses large and small and what these changes mean for businesses and individuals. Through our in-depth analysis, we provide insights, trend analyses and predictions for what lies ahead this year.

  • 2021 Data Protection as‑a‑Service Report

    1,050 organizations that currently or plan to use cloud-powered data protection services were surveyed to understand the drivers and considerations to using BaaS and DRaaS today and what role service providers play as support.

  • MSPs: Your checklist for hero-worthy, security-focused BaaS

    In this eBook, we’ll help you uncover the full potential of Managed Security Services for your customers and business, including combining the benefits of backup and security services for a proactive approach to business continuity, creating a multilayered approach that protects your customers’ data from ransomware, malware or malicious actors, and turning data management into a competitive advantage.

  • E-Book: 5 Ways Service Providers Profit with Veeam Backup

    Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who offer modern backup and disaster recovery services not only give clients peace of mind, they also establish long-term relationships built on trust. Learn how to deliver data protection services that are flexible, efficient, automated and profitable — without having to custom build each stack.

  • E-Book: Service Providers Gain Access to 400k+ Customers

    Drive revenue and build client account value with Veeam Off-site Backup. Your clients look to you to modernize and optimize their data backup and protection strategies. So, it’s critical that your services are powered by simple, flexible and reliable solutions to help them meet recovery service level agreements (SLAs).

  • The Customer‑Centric Guide to Selling Backup for Resellers and Distributors

    How to Speak to Your Customers’ Needs. Are all backup and data management needs the same? While most customers have the same top priorities — protection, simplicity and reliability — each customer has their own unique set of circumstances. How can you determine the best approach for each of your customers?

  • 5 Ways to Answer Customer Demand with Veeam

    In today’s highly competitive market, your customers are looking for the vendor that makes them feel their data is perfectly safe and protected, while also making their life easier. Download this e-book and find out how Veeam can help you approach your customers’ needs to create and expand customer demand.

  • The Modern IT Playbook for Managed Service Providers

    Throughout this playbook, we’ve outlined some of the key changes impacting the global managed services industry and provided recommendations to help MSPs confidently navigate the increasingly complex business landscape. Each chapter highlighted emerging trends you need to be aware of and their impact on your relationship with clients.

  • Protect and Grow your Business with Egnyte

    Egnyte partners with IT Service Providers to bring content collaboration and governance to organizations all over the world. Our diverse set of partners serve customers of all sizes and industries globally.