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  • Datto's Global State of the MSP Report

    Are you looking for exclusive trends and forecasts heading into 2024? We have the report for you! Download Datto’s Global State of MSP report and elevate your business’s success.

  • Datto RMM - A Security-First Solution

    Remote Monitoring and Mangement (RMM) is needed for MSPs to keep client’s data safe. Datto RMM allows you to remotely secure, monitor and manage your endpoints to reduce cost and improve network efficiency. Learn more!

  • 6 Truths that MSPs Need to Know About Security Awareness Training

    Reduce workload and errors with INFIMA's fully automated Security Awareness Training platform. Built exclusively for MSPs, it all starts with a 3-click onboard. (Yes, just 3 clicks to task freedom!)

  • 10 Keys to Protecting Your Microsoft 365 Data

    Finding ways to protect and back up data is more important than ever in the Microsoft 365 era. This Digital Dialogue distills an industry expert’s top tips and observations about the need for Microsoft 365 data protection, especially today. Read it to learn how AI can be a force for good and bad in the fight against security breaches, why MSPs are leaving money on the table by not bundling data protection in their Microsoft 365 offerings, the most overlooked method for protecting your organization’s data, and more.

  • Expand your Portfolio with BaaS for Public Cloud

    Today, organizations agree that hybrid multi-cloud backups based on public cloud is the ideal approach to digital transformation. More than half of businesses anticipate storing their backup data with a cloud provider via BaaS and DRaaS by 2025. This creates an opportunity for MSPs who traditionally manage on-premises infrastructure.

  • The Evolution of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) - Datto EDR Buyers Guide

    Many of today’s cybercriminals can bypass traditional defenses at will. This leaves businesses exposed to ransomware, credential harvesting and other types of attacks that can cost $8,000 per hour. Learn how Datto can help.

  • Achieving Ransomware Resiliency with BaaS and DRaaS

    Companies are looking to cloud‑based services like BaaS and DRaaS to help solve their data protection challenges, such as ransomware. As an MSP, you must have a comprehensive level of business continuity and disaster recovery services to secure your customers’ data.

  • Microsoft 365 BaaS for MSPs

    Data protection, backups and business continuity continue to be a top priority in many organizations. As a service provider, extending or introducing Backup as a Service (BaaS) to protect your customer’s Microsoft 365 investment offers a host of benefits from a business, technical and customer perspective.

  • MSPs: Your checklist for hero-worthy, security-focused BaaS

    In this eBook, we’ll help you uncover the full potential of Managed Security Services for your customers and business, including combining the benefits of backup and security services for a proactive approach to business continuity, creating a multilayered approach that protects your customers’ data from ransomware, malware or malicious actors, and turning data management into a competitive advantage.

  • E-Book: 5 Ways Service Providers Profit with Veeam Backup

    Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who offer modern backup and disaster recovery services not only give clients peace of mind, they also establish long-term relationships built on trust. Learn how to deliver data protection services that are flexible, efficient, automated and profitable — without having to custom build each stack.

  • E-Book: Service Providers Gain Access to 400k+ Customers

    Drive revenue and build client account value with Veeam Off-site Backup. Your clients look to you to modernize and optimize their data backup and protection strategies. So, it’s critical that your services are powered by simple, flexible and reliable solutions to help them meet recovery service level agreements (SLAs).

  • 2022 Data Protection Trends Executive Brief for Partners

    The pace for change in IT continues to rise, but how exactly are companies adapting for Modern Data Protection? Between October and December 2021, an independent research firm surveyed over 3,000 IT decision makers and IT professionals about their IT and data protection drivers and strategies heading into 2022. This report showcases the challenges, disruptions and opportunities our customers will face through 2022 and beyond. These drivers for change provide key opportunity areas to better serve your customers and grow your business.

  • The Customer‑Centric Guide to Selling Backup for Resellers and Distributors

    How to Speak to Your Customers’ Needs. Are all backup and data management needs the same? While most customers have the same top priorities — protection, simplicity and reliability — each customer has their own unique set of circumstances. How can you determine the best approach for each of your customers?

  • 5 Ways to Answer Customer Demand with Veeam

    In today’s highly competitive market, your customers are looking for the vendor that makes them feel their data is perfectly safe and protected, while also making their life easier. Download this e-book and find out how Veeam can help you approach your customers’ needs to create and expand customer demand.

  • Build Sustainable Profitability selling Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers technology partners the opportunity to better serve their customers who are ready to build on Microsoft/Office 365 and connect their systems. Learn 6 ways to build long-term profitability reselling Dynamics 365.

  • Why MSPs need a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Offering

    Managed Service Providers have the opportunity to better serve customers and grow their recurring revenue by offering Microsoft Dynamics 365. Read this white paper for the top 7 reasons why MSPs should resell Dynamics 365.

  • Digital Dialogue: MSPs: 5 Keys to Protecting Your Clients' Data in the Shared Responsibility Era

    Any MSP worth their salt knows about the shared security model of the cloud, but not all of them understand its implications for how they sell to customers. Download this Digital Dialogue to make sure you have all your bases covered before trusting your customers’ data to the cloud.