How To Capitalize on Windows 10 To Fuel Partner Marketing

Microsoft's global Windows 10 advertising campaign launched on July 20. While most of your clients are unlikely to be early adopters, that doesn't mean they aren't interested. Windows 10 will impact their businesses over the coming years, and you should be the one to help them understand what that means.

As you have been testing Windows 10 with your solutions, participating in the Windows Insider program and attending training sessions, you've gained insight that your clients would like to hear about. This is a great time to share those experiences and educate your customers about the next wave of technology and how it will affect their businesses. As you develop your messages, focus on the outcomes that Windows 10 and your solution sets will enable, instead of new features. More

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Microsoft Pinpoint Best Practices: Play to Your Strengths

As promised, Microsoft has improved the Pinpoint search tool to help more visitors to the worldwide sites find their way to qualified partners. The updated Pinpoint platform is driving qualified leads to partners who invest the time to create strong, focused messaging and keep their profiles fresh.

Erik Frantzen, president and partner of Nurture Marketing, recently shared his experiences working with partners to build effective Pinpoint profiles. More

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Does Your Customer Experience Pass the Test?

How irritating is it to send an e-mail to the address listed on a Web site and get no response? Could it happen to someone visiting your Web site? You may think that you have the systems in place that make it easy for prospects and your existing customers to reach you, but when was the last time that you tested it?

In managing the day-to-day challenges of acquiring new customers and delivering services, it's easy to assume that all systems are working. If you haven't heard of any problems, it's probably OK. Until you get the irate call from a customer who has been trying to reach someone for days. Going proactive can help you avoid that call and the turmoil that would follow.  More

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9 Ways To Include Microsoft's Sway App in Partner Marketing

Office Sway, Microsoft's new presentation app, is going prime time, rolling out to Office 365 customers over the coming months. That makes this a great time to test out some new marketing approaches using a fun, flexible tool.

Currently in preview, Sway is part Web site, part presentation app -- and the possibilities are endless. Sway is an insanely easy way to build a Web page that looks professional without the help of a designer. There are a couple of caveats to taking design into your own hands, however. Some of the templates were definitely not intended for business, so keep in mind that simple is always better. And your viewers are busy, so keep your content short and to the point. More

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Partners: Take Down the Barriers to Your Content

How many times have you clicked on a link to download a document that caught your eye, been met with a form, thought, "Never mind, not worth it" and left the page?

Since the dawn of content marketing, there has been an ongoing debate about when, if ever, you should put a form between marketing content and the person with an interest in reading it. A form will obviously reduce the number of downloads, but without a form there is no way to measure your marketing success. More

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How To Market to Millennials

It's not your imagination. Your buyers are getting younger. By the time 2020 rolls around (yes, only five years from now) millennials will make up half of the workforce.

Just like your own generation did, millennials view the world through a different lens. And as these young people move up the corporate ladder, you need to adjust your perspective...and your marketing. More

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Let's Get Real: Microsoft Partner Shows How Differentiation Is Done

Is it appropriate to tell your personal story through your Web site or blog? Or should you play it safe and do what everyone else is doing (something like, "Our seasoned professionals, with more experience than any other technology provider, will help your business increase productivity and fuel growth")?

One partner is setting the gold standard in content marketing with a blog that is different, personal and downright inspiring. More

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Bring Life to Partner Marketing Content Using Scenarios

"Storytelling," the latest buzzword being tossed around in the world of content marketing, suggests that you need epic narratives to connect with potential buyers.

If, like the rest of the common world, you don't have a "chief storyteller" on staff, don't worry. You can use scenarios to help your prospects envision the benefit of your solutions. More

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Optimize Your Microsoft Pinpoint Profile with New Resources on Ready-to-Go

Do you still have "update the Pinpoint profile" on your to-do list? The update that you have been meaning to do for six months and just haven't gotten to yet? With an upgraded interface and improved search, along with some pretty compelling data from its fiscal year 2014, this is probably the time to put Pinpoint at the top of your list.

Based on conversations that we've had with partners about Pinpoint, there is a direct correlation between the effort put into your listings and the results. Microsoft has posted a set of very helpful resources on its Ready-to-Go (RtG) marketing site that will make it easier for you to create a professional and effective profile. Aptly titled the "Pinpoint Resources" campaign, there are about a dozen PowerPoint presentations, documents and videos that will help you improve your chances of being found and making connections. Included in the resources are practical tips to optimize your profile, as well as step-by-step guidance to manage your Pinpoint account. And don't overlook the "Top Ten Tips for a Great Profile" which offers great advice for any form of online content. More

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4 Ways To Keep Partner-to-Partner Relationships Strong

The intentions are always good. Whether introduced through Microsoft to deliver a complex project or connecting through an International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) meeting, most partner-to-partner relationships start with high hopes but don't deliver as expected.

What are the factors that lead to lasting partnerships that drive real economic results for both parties? KiZAN Technologies and Netmail are reaping rewards from a growing partnership and shared lessons learned from their collaboration.


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