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  • The Value of Data-Driven Automation to the ITSM Industry

    Analyzing your customers’ IT performance data to improve service delivery is a necessity. In our study of 350+ IT providers’ uses of data, we discovered that 54% are collecting data on customers’ performance. So, what are smart IT providers doing with that data? Learn more.

  • Managed Services Pricing Guide 2.0 - Industry Best Practices

    This must-read guide provides an overview of Managed Services and a proven strategy for moving away from break-fix hourly service rates to a predictable, profitable managed services model.

  • Expand Your Opportunities - Four Proven Approaches to Win Business in the Mid-Market

    With the right approach, small MSPs can successfully branch out to the mid-market. But it will require a different way of selling to, working with — and winning over — prospective clients. Learn more.

  • Office 365 Sales Guide

    Now more than ever, there are opportunities to become a profitable Office 365 reseller. But even though it has great potential, reselling requires skill. Unsure where to start? Download our eBook to find out more. Learn more.

  • How to Build a Microsoft Teams Chatbot

    Teams is a great addition to any collaboration strategy. It bundles your favourite Microsoft services together, and lets you create bots that interact with users to broaden their Teams app experience. Learn more.

  • What to Look for in a DRaaS Solution

    There are many different ways to define Disaster Recovery, and not all solutions are created equal. Learn the 5 things to look for in a DRaaS Solution. Download the eBook today! Learn more.

  • The Cloud Solution Provider Guide

    This essential eBook, will walk you through the details of the CSP, from sign-up to choosing a business model, to marketing your new offers. Learn more.

  • In the Age of Customer Experience, Isn't It Time for a New Database?

    Digital transformation is changing everything about the way customers engage with your clients. Modern customers are interacting with your clients more while transacting less. But at the same time, their expectations for amazing experiences are higher than ever. That’s why Couchbase built the world’s first Engagement Database on the Couchbase Data Platform with the most powerful NoSQL technology. Learn more.

  • How Dropbox Business Can Save Your Business From Legacy Tech

    Create more opportunities to grow your cloud business by attaching Dropbox Business to Microsoft Office 360®, Adobe, and more. Increase recurring revenue with our best-in-class cloud solutions. Read on.

  • Effective Collaboration for Marketers

    This ebook is designed to help with effective collaboration with marketers. Read on.