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    Eight Essential HelpDesk Tools Every MSP Needs

    Customer service is the cornerstone of any MSP business. Good customer service keeps your customers happy, keeps them using your services and products. This e-book highlights the eight essential tools that you need to keep your customer service experience a great one.

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    Ransomware – A Revenue Bonanza for Service Providers

    Download this eBook to learn how offering a service to fight ransomware is an enormous opportunity to service providers.

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    Lenovo Converged HX Series: Why Lenovo for Hyperconverged?

    Today's enterprise datacenter can be one of the most complex business environments. Learn how Hyperconverged solutions can deliver simplicity in spades with plug-and-play setup and the ability to deploy workloads faster than traditional servers.

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    Why Hyperconverged is the Cost-Efficient, Simplified Infrastructure for Modern Data Centers

    The hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) integrates technologies that span the functional areas of the data center: storage, compute and virtualization. Discover the three reasons why Hyperconverged is the cost-efficient, simplified infrastructure for the modern data center.

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    The Rapid Growth of Data and What it Means to the Enterprise

    Enterprises today manage unprecedented volumes of data. Learn how this is forcing the data center to evolve and creating a huge opportunity for companies with the tools businesses need to harness the power of information.

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    Five Ways to Enhance Microsoft Skype for Business for PBX Deployments

    Skype for Business is a viable PBX replacement. Microsoft’s UC solution supports voice communications and a mix of features. However, implementing Skype for Business as a solution for the enterprise requires additional, mission-critical applications.

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    Saving Time & Money with Remote Power Management

    With so many devices located in remote locations, IT technicians and managers need tools to make their life easier. Download Minuteman's white paper to learn more about Remote Power Management.

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    5 Best Practices for Onboarding Customers

    Congratulations, you’ve won a new customer. Now, you want to lay the groundwork for a successful long term relationship by providing a professional onboarding experience. This e-book outlines 5 best practices to help you efficiently and expertly welcome your new customers.

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    Losing a Star Player – How MSPs Can Build a Gameplan to Handle the Loss of a Key Technician

    For an MSP losing a highly experienced technician can have significant consequences. When a senior staffer walks out the door, they take with them not only critical technical skills but also the carefully cultivated customer relationships. Download this e-book and learn what you need to do to keep your team running at 110%.

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    Managing MACS in the BYOD Environment

    While Macs have always had a place in the workplace, IT teams have traditionally limited their use to specialized roles like graphic design and application development. This e-book provides insight into managing Mac devices in your customer’s workplaces.