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  • Events Guide for MSPs and VARs Cover Image

    Whether you want to conduct a webinar, tradeshow or open house, the Events Guide for MSPs and VARs ebook will show you how to profit from events large and small.

  • 2015 Managed Services Pricing Guide (USD) Industry Best Practices White Paper Cover

    The 2015 Managed Services Pricing Guide details how you can move to a managed service model and add services and products and revenue. Download this pricing guide to get an overview of how N-able has priced and packaged its RMM software.

  • Veeam and the End of Windows Server 2003 Support White Paper Cover

    Windows Server 2003 End of Support not only means the movement of workloads away from Windows Server 2003, but it also includes the inherent transition AWAY from the 32-bit hardware platform and TO virtualization with Hyper-V. Read on.

  • Veeam and the End of Windows Server 2003 Support White Paper Cover

    Windows Server 2003 End of Support not only means the movement of workloads away from Windows Server 2003, but it also includes the inherent transition AWAY from the 32-bit hardware platform and TO virtualization with Hyper-V. Read on.

  • 4 Benefits of Enabling User Activity Monitoring in Managed Environments White Paper Cover

    This guide describes how to enable visibility and regain context into employee activity through User Activity Monitoring (UAM).

  • The Automation Imperative White Paper Cover

    The N-able white paper “The Automation Imperative”, illustrates how automating routine IT tasks makes your job simpler, saves time and money and benefits your clients when you can resolve issues without interrupting their business.

  • Marketing Managed Cloud Services Without Saying "Cloud" White Paper Cover

    “Marketing Managed Services without Saying Cloud”, explores the ways you can market and sell cloud based managed services to the right customers at the right time, adding value and revenue to your business.

  • How to Deal with a Perfect Storm of Disruption in the Managed Services White Paper Cover

    MSPs are bracing for more change in the next two years than they’ve seen in the past 15 -- A perfect storm of disruption that include new competitors, converging technologies, and IT everywhere. To get candid insights on the top industry drivers and what you can do to stay on top or ahead of the change curve, download this complimentary report now.

  • Why Patch Management Matters White Paper Cover

    Download “Why Patch Management Matters” for some great tips on how to get your customers on a regular patch management program. Read now!

  • Selling Cloud Services to the Right Customers White Paper Cover

    With the adoption rate of cloud-based services showing no sign of slowing, MSP’s need to ensure that they continue to generate revenue and create value. How do you move your customers to a cloud-based service without sacrificing revenue? Find out more, and read on!

  • N-Central AppNote White Paper Cover

    With a wide range of tools to help troubleshoot, resolve and update support tickets faster, N-central makes it easier than ever to run a profitable and successful help desk.

  • N-Central Pocket Guide White Paper Cover

    MSPs should also be able to provide fast, reliable IT support to their customers whenever it’s needed. Only N-central offers all three elements – monitoring, management and support – in one easy-to-use platform to help you deliver better IT service.

  • Cracking the Confusion: Encryption and Tokenization for Data Centers, Servers, and Applications White Paper Cover

    Cracking the Confusion: Encryption and Tokenization

  • 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report: Trends and Future Directions in Data Security - Cloud and Big Data Edition White Paper Cover

    Insider Threat Report: Cloud and Big Data Edition

  • Analyst Report from 451 Research: Vormetric Enters Encryption Gateway Fray with Latest Extension to Its Platform Strategy White Paper Cover

    451 Research: Vormetric Encryption Gateway and Platform Strategy

  • Winner Take All White Paper Cover

    Find out why more VARs, resellers, and copier dealers are adding managed services to their core business. See how managed services enables you to take control over the network – and own your customer relationships.

  • 4 Business Continuity Best Practices Every MSP Should Follow White Paper Cover

    In this whitepaper, we'll explore four best practices MSPs and IT service providers should follow to ensure they're providing customers with the best business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions and services possible, and maximizing their recurring revenue potential at the same time

  • Seconds Matter: Resolve Issues Quickly with the World’s Fastest Remote Desktop Management White Paper Cover

    As a Managed Service Provider, you know that when you have many users to support, every second count. Your remote connection speed and reliability are critical to your ability to resolve issues quickly, maximizing IT efficiency and ensuring a happy and productive end user.

  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Services: A High Value Offering with Substantial Profit Potential for MSPs White Paper Cover

    Outages and disruptions will take a heavy toll on any business. Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) can minimize these risks and is often cited as a top priority area for IT investment among companies of all sizes. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can boost their revenue and profit potential by offering BDR services to meet this need.

  • Managing the Complexity of Today’s Hybrid IT Environments White Paper Cover

    Learn how organizations are harnessing cloud, mobility and big data to drive results for their businesses.

  • MSP Global Pricing Survey White Paper Cover

    Gain insight into pricing benchmarks and uncover opportunities for growth in Kaseya’s annual global pricing survey.

  • A Starter Guide to IT Managed Services White Paper Cover

    How do you grow a small IT services business into a managed services company that generates millions of dollars in revenue each year? The “Starter Guide to Managed Services” is all about how to transform your small operation into a successful managed services business with a growing number of customers and endpoints under management.

  • Increasing Revenue with Disaster Recovery and High Availability White Paper Cover Shot

    Vision Solutions presents 1105 Media’s step-by-step guide to increasing revenues by adding Disaster Recovery & High Availability As-A-Service to your portfolio of offerings.

  • NOC + Help Desk Service White Paper Cover

    How does NOC + Help Desk impact your productivity? Are you better to outsource or internalize this capability? What are the six key success factors for a NOC + Help Desk solution that cuts mustard?

  • Analytics Embedded in the Cloud: Let the Insight Rain Down White Paper Cover

    Using a detailed, in-depth cost analysis model validated by actual customer interviews, this Economic Value Validation white paper from ESG demonstrates how IBM FlashSystem is less expensive than equivalent disk-based enterprise storage systems. Learn more.

  • BI forward: A Full View of Your Business White Paper Cover

    This paper explains the advantages of a business intelligence solution that includes predictive analytics. Learn more.

  • Nucleus Research - Technology Value Matrix - Second Half 2014 White Paper Cover

    This 2H-2014 Value Matrix by Nucleus Research evaluates all major BI vendors and their ability to deliver value based on usability, functionality and projects 6-month trends for each vendor to identify best-of-breed capabilities in various dimensions that have evolved in the marketplace.

  • Lease vs. Purchase: How To Choose White Paper Cover

    In this white paper, we will explore the leasing option for technology asset acquisitions and IBM’s particular suitability to this market. Learn more.

  • Securing Applications For a Safer Cloud Environment White Paper Cover

    This white paper explains how an effective application security program can help organizations protect their assets in the cloud. It will also discuss how a secure-by-design approach to application security can help reduce risk across the IT infrastructure, in the cloud and beyond. Read now!

  • Cloud & Hybrid Services as Business Drivers for IT Providers White Paper Cover

    Many clients are moving to the cloud, but are they taking the safest route? Bundling hybrid backup and recovery is a great way to protect their assets, boost AOV and add value to client relationships.

  • Avoiding the Pitfalls when Transitioning into Managed Services White Paper Cover Shot

    Software can help, but there’s more to moving to managed services than just implementing a solution and sitting back. There are a lot of critical choices to be made. Find out in this white paper what they are and how to make them well.

  • Transforming your Business with Tibanna Plus for Managed Service Providers White Paper Cover

    Tibanna Plus is a multi-tenant web portal—powered by System Center Operations Manager—that lets you proactively monitor your client’s network across various systems and applications via the cloud. Save time and money. Learn more.

  • MSP FTM Storage Nurture Offer - Frost & Sullivan - Service Providers White Paper Cover

    This paper examines customer expectations regarding cloud storage, and how your choice of infrastructure impacts your ability to deliver on those expectations. Infrastructure can help differentiate your service and create value for your clients. Read tips on selecting the right storage infrastructure that addresses clients’ evolving and demanding needs. Learn more.

  • Rethinking Cyber-Security in the Age of Relentless Attacks

    A security strategy centered on preventing identified attacks and threats no longer provides adequate protection. New malware tactics emerge at a rate impossible for security professionals to match. Learn how to take a more pragmatic approach to strengthening your security and reduce the potential impact of security breaches.

  • Get Out of Firefighting Mode and Get in Control

    It's a rough start onboarding a new customer. You can easily spend too much time reacting to problems instead of managing the network and infrastructure in a sustainable manner. Fortunately, there is a better way for MSPs to start quickly, one that takes minutes and cuts down the distraction from malware tickets. Download to learn more.

  • 3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Partner

    There are few decisions more important than choosing a cloud partner, but a lot of organizations don’t do the due diligence they need to do. In this document, discover the key factors to choosing a cloud partner that will serve your organization’s needs and help you meet your strategic goals.

  • Pillars of Cloudiness: Trends in Cloud Applications

    More than anything else, the cloud requires flexibility and the ability to make changes quickly. Right now, new trends are emerging in the creation and delivery of cloud applications. Find out in this paper what they are and why they matter.

  • BPM and IoT: The Signal of True Disruption

    The Internet of Things is getting ready to disrupt business, but there is one way to corral it: by using business process management solutions. Find out here how the two merge.

  • Drive Monthly Recurring Revenue with Cloud Backup Services

    Cloud backup and recovery services present a strong growth opportunity for service providers. Download this IDC Spotlight to learn how cloud backup services can enable you to approach new markets – both vertical and geographical, increase customer satisfaction and revenue. Learn more.

  • Powering Your Disaster Planning

    Power contingencies are critical to every disaster plan. This paper provides a framework for developing a successful plan, and cites studies from multiple sources including Frost & Sullivan and US Department of Energy. Read on!

  • Don’t Let a Disaster Be Your First Backup Test

    This white paper gives you a glimpse into the importance of testing backups and offers best practices for how and when to test so that when hardware failure, user error, or even a disaster wipes out your systems, you can recover with speed and confidence.

  • Measures of Success in Backup & Recovery

    Download this white paper to learn how you can demonstrate the value by defining two very important performance metrics - Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

  • 5 Big Tips for Running a More Productive IT Services Business

    In this paper, IT services providers share their recommendations on the technology, processes, and ideas you can incorporate into your business today to increase your productivity. Read now!

  • CPI Solutions and StorageCraft Conquer Cryptolocker

    Learn how CPI Solutions, an MSP based in Southern California, and StorageCraft conquer ransomware like CryptoLocker every time—with no ransom paid. Read more now!

  • StorageCraft Case Study: VDI Space

    Convincing customers to migrate their IT infrastructure to a completely cloud-based solution is a difficult sell, to say the least. So how does VDI Space, a successful cloud consulting firm and StorageCraft® partner, do it? Michael Fraser, CEO and founder of VDI Space, explains how he and his colleagues do it so successfully.

  • Making Disaster Recovery Easy

    Creating solid documentation and using it is something you can do to make sure you have fast, reliable recoveries and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

  • Making IT Disaster Recovery Easy

    This ebook for IT administers shows how creating solid documentation and using it is something you can do to make sure you have fast, reliable recoveries and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

  • Selling Disaster Recovery as a Service

    If you’re not selling disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), you could be missing out on more revenue and happier clients. In Selling Disaster Recovery as a Service we walk you through DRaaS from start to finish. Learn more.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Selling Cloud Backup

    The cloud backup and recovery market offers MSPs exciting revenue opportunities and a strong foundation for future managed services success. This e-book is ideal for early- or growth-stage MSPs interested in driving more revenue with an effective cloud backup sales strategy, one that benefits your entire managed services sales approach.

  • Everything You Need to Protect Your Growing Business

    Are you ready for a black swan? What does that even mean? Find out in this white paper on Internet security.

  • Better Backup

    Worried about backing up data? This guide explains why you need backup, how to choose the right solution and how to make it painless.

  • Case Study: VanGuard Technologies

    Discover in this case study how VanGuard Technologies increased efficiency and profitability with remote monitoring and management.

  • Case Study: Genusys Group

    Find out in this case study how Genusys Group increased staff efficiency as well as sales while reducing end-customer costs.

  • New Services Driving Mobile Solutions

    Is there a market for solution providers reselling services around the concept of bring your own device (BYOD)? Find out in this white paper.

  • Transitioning to Subscription-Based Business Models

    Solution providers are moving to subscription-based business models in order to stay competitive, but it’s not an easy task. Find out in this white paper how to make the switch.

  • How Do Your BPM Metrics Measure Up?

    Business Process Management is all about metrics, but how can organizations ensure that the metrics their BPM system is producing are correct and reliable? Find out in this technical white paper.

  • SherWeb vs. Office 365 Benchmark

    In this whtie paper learn the bottom line on how SherWeb stacks up against Office 365. Read now.

  • Building a Successful Cloud Practice

    Learn how SherWeb helps you achieve your goals using 6 market-proven tactics from the world’s most successful MSPs. Learn more.

  • SherWeb Partner Program Brochure

    See for yourself how SherWeb offers its channel the best margins in the industry. Learn more.

  • The Cloud vs. on-Premise eBook

    Is hosted Exchange right for you? An insider’s guide to weighing the pros and cons of moving Exchange to the cloud.

  • Recover-Ability Guide: The Legal Industry vs. Technology

    In this new Recover-Ability Guide , StorageCraft® and our partner LogicForce, take you step by step through what you need to know to get started as an MSP to the legal industry. Download the ebook and get started with a brand new opportunity today. Read on!

  • StorageCraft Recover-Ability Solution

    If you’re offering (or planning to offer) your clients disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) you need to think about more than just backup. You need to find a solution that will actually recover systems and data when the inevitable disaster strikes. In this paper authored by Storage Strategies NOW, analysts explain why you need more than data protection in your disaster recovery offering and how the StorageCraft Recover-Ability solution can help. Read now!

  • Making Disaster Recovery Easy

    Virtualization, image-based backup, and cloud computing can all lead to fast recovery following a disaster. But there’s something else you can do to help you create bullet-proof DR plans for your clients, and it won’t cost you a dime. Read this white paper now to learn more!

  • Business Health, Patient Health: Five Prescriptions to Stop Healthcare Disasters

    In this new ebook “Business Health, Patient Health: Five Prescriptions to Stop Healthcare Disasters,” four managed service providers who specialize in the healthcare industry offer their recommendations for how to provide successful disaster recovery to doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals, and more. Learn more.

  • Things Partners Should Know About Windows Server 2012

    With an all-new model of computing, the next version of the Microsoft flagship server OS comes with new editions, licensing, product dependencies, features and partner opportunities. Redmond Channel Partner provides the top things partner should know now.