RCP Partner Guides

2018 Microsoft Product Roadmap

Read this 2018 Microsoft Product Roadmap including articles on What About Surface Phone?, Azure & Office 365 Snapshot, Windows 10 Lingo Explainer, plus Microsoft Event Schedule and Microsoft Roadmap Timeline. Learn more.

Partner's Guide to the New Rules of Online Backup

Read this Partner’s Guide to the “New Rules of Online Backup” to learn the steps you need to follow make sure your customers get the most out of their transition to the cloud. Learn more.

MSP's 2018 Guide to Emerging Technology

Read this 2018 Guide to Emerging Technologies for a practical preview of hot new technology areas in three time horizons, ranging from “right now” to “pretty soon” to “maybe someday.”. Learn more.

MSP’s Guide to 3 Game Changing Problems in Security

Read the MSP’s Guide to 3 Game-Changing Problems in Security to learn about threats involving the previously rock-solid WPA2 wireless standard, a category of under-secured Office 365 accounts and malware derived from nation-state attack tools. Learn more.

Partner's Guide to A Season of Disaster

Read this RCP Partner Guide to find out the steps MSPs need to follow to make sure your customers can survive a disaster, including preparation data troubles and planning to rebuild systems. Read now!

Partner's Guide to Going Mobile with Skype for Business

The Microsoft Skype for Business opportunity is expanding rapidly. Read this Partner’s Guide to Going Mobile with Skype for Business to learn about opportunities for MSPs in high-growth verticals including healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. Learn more!

Partner Guide: MSP's Guide to Ransomware

The ransomware threat is a key driver of IT strategy and spending. Read this MSP’s Guide to Ransomware to learn about best practices including end user training, phishing and spearphishing testing, and backup and recovery. Read more!

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MSP’s Guide to Next-Level Add-Ons

Top MSPs are always on the lookout for the next way to remain vital to their customers. RCP covers some of the technologies that MSPs are adding to their practices right now.

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Partner’s Guide to Backup and Recovery Trends

Eight trends to watch and act on in 2017 for backup, recovery and business continuity.

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Partner's Guide to The Datacenter Opportunity

Read this Partner’s Guide to find out how the datacenter is being redefined as a huge greenfield for the channel including fewer, but larger, datacenters, and a boomlet in prefabricated, standardized datacenters.

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Partner’s Guide to Bringing Conferencing to the Masses

Software and cloud-based advances across the industry are transforming the conference room. This guide looks at the Intel Unite platform.

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MSP’s Guide To Business Continuity

What it takes for you and your customers to have confidence in their ability to keep on chugging, no matter the problem.


MSP’s Guide To Backup Tricks

Here are seven ways to amaze and impress your customers with modern backup and recovery solutions.


Partner’s Guide To Providing a Complete Business Continuity Solution

Read this guide from Redmond Channel Partner for 16 questions to address in your customer’s backup strategy.

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Partner’s Guide to Making Money by Jump-Starting a Move to the Cloud

Learn how partners can drive customers to the cloud and rake in cash along the way.

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MSP’s Guide to Backup Architectures

Read this primer on 12 main ways that managed services providers build backup solutions to give their SMB and larger customers peace of mind.

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The MSP’s Guide to Recurring Revenue

RCP magazine provides tips and tricks for achieving recurring revenue for your MSP business.