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RCP Partner Guides

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Partner’s Guide to Cloud and Disaster Recovery

When it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery, there are things that the cloud changes, radically, and other things that must remain the same. Learn more.

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MSP’s Guide to Backup Architectures

Read this primer on 12 main ways that managed services providers build backup solutions to give their SMB and larger customers peace of mind.

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Partner’s Guide to Making Money by Jump-Starting a Move to the Cloud

Learn how partners can drive customers to the cloud and rake in cash along the way.

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Partner’s Guide to The Rise of Microsoft Azure

The revamped Microsoft cloud platform is a potential gold mine for services providers, who can quickly and easily offer services directly through Azure.

Partner’s Guide to the New Maturity of Lync

By providing and updating an SDN API, Microsoft is enabling alliance partners to help Microsoft create a more robust and manageable unified communications environment.

Partner’s Guide to Top Trends in Storage and Backup for 2015

A lot is changing in 2015, from higher-capacity helium drives and increased use of flash storage, to containerization and encryption. RCP addresses the biggest trends.

The MSP’s Guide to Recurring Revenue

RCP magazine provides tips and tricks for achieving recurring revenue for your MSP business.

Partner Guide to Microsoft Lync

RCP reports on new features for Lync, the evolving partner program and how to enable partners to fill emerging opportunities.

Partner’s Guide to Top Trends in Server Virtualization

This free guide from RCP takes a look at top server virtualization trends that are leading to expanded business opportunities for solution providers.

Partner Guide: Partner’s Guide to Virtual Backup

In this guide, learn what partners need to know about virtual backup and why it’s so important.

MSP’s Guide to the Enterprise

With the emergence of cloud, the opportunity to offer managed services to enterprises is bigger than ever. Checking off the requirements of enterprise customers takes a very specific set of skills. Get the check list.

Partner’s Guide to the Future of Availability

Existing high-availability and business-continuity technologies continue to be effective and to evolve. This free guide will address the emergence of cloud and virtualization with regard to availability.

Partner’s Guide To Hybrid Backup

This guide provides a walk-through of 15 scenarios requiring backup and highlights the way on-site and cloud backup complement each other and work better together.

MSP’s Guide to Virtualizing Servers

The Windows Server 2003 R2 support deadline presents a unique opportunity to show customers the benefits of server virtualization.

Partner’s Guide to Software-Defined Networking

Even as committees hash out standards for SDN, heavily packages solutions are hitting the market for MSPs and their SMB customers.

Partner’s Guide to the Worst Data Disasters of 2013

This guide from RCP provides data points for your 2014 discussions with customers about modernizing, bulletproofing or actually creating a business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Partner’s Guide To Hyper-V Backup

RCP reviews some of the coming improvements to Hyper-V in the Windows Server 2012 R2 release.

Partner's Guide To Printing Opportunities

The global print market is suffering a rough patch, but the overall outlook may be improving and some specific sectors offer real promise for the channel.

Partner’s Guide to Supercharging Your Power Management Sales

Opportunity abounds in the power management industry. Read six ways partners can ramp up their power management sales.

MSP’s Guide to Integrating Security

With small and midsize businesses moving their back-end systems to the cloud, MSPs are expanding their practices to cover security.

Partner's Guide to SMB Virtualization

Redmond Channel Partner provides a list of reasons why you should look at virtualization as a solution for SMBs.

Partner’s Guide to Office 365

Microsoft launched cloud suites five years ago. Redmond Channel Partner looks at 10 major changes in Microsoft's cloud efforts since 2008.


Partner’s Guide To Sabotaging Business Continuity Sales

This guide provides 11 tested methods for killing your pipeline, reducing the size of potential deals and generating negative buzz about your company among your potential customers.

Partner's Guide to Disastrous Weather

In this guide from RCP, find out how details from the National Hurricane Center’s final report on Sandy can help you find out just how bad the very, very worst disaster can be—and how you can prepare your organization to survive it.

Partner's Guide to Content Management

As Microsoft’s content management ambitions shift into SharePoint, systems integrators look to other vendors to tie-in to SharePoint while providing Web content management.

Partner's Guide to Virtual Backup

As more SMBs turn to virtualization, MSPs and other partners need to be ready for the special challenges of backing up virtual systems.

Partner’s Guide to On-Site Backup

Redmond Channel Partner reviews the latest market research data on backup solutions.

Partner’s Guide to Staffing for MSP Growth

Redmond Channel Partner looks at the types of people to add, and when, to stoke the fires of business expansion.

Partner’s Guide to Best Practices for Business Continuity

This guide from Redmond Channel Partner contains a list of questions and considerations that partners and vendors recommend when it comes to business-continuity services.

A Microsoft Partner’s Guide to Managed Services

Microsoft and Managed Service Providers have always made a great team, and that partnership will only get stronger as both parties move toward the cloud. In this partner guide, learn what MSPs need to do to succeed in the cloud and how Microsoft can help.

Partner's Guide to Cloud Security

Cloud security is a nascent but growing market. Partners that seize the opportunity now to provide cloud security services will create large and recurring revenue streams. Find out how in this partner guide from Redmond Channel Partner magazine.

Partner’s Guide to MSP Help Desk

Think help desk is a sideshow for Managed Service Providers? Think again. It’s actually the star of the show. This paper reveals why help desk is so important and how to create one that will keep business booming.

Partner’s Guide to Backup and Recovery

Redmond Channel Partner reports on backup and recovery opportunities.

Partner's Guide to Mobile Device Management

Redmond Channel Partner reports on mobile device management.

Partner’s Guide SQL Server 2012

With SQL Server 2012, Microsoft promises to enable users to gain quick insights from all data to make strategic business decisions. This new release is on the horizon. Read how Microsoft partners are migrating their customers.

RCP Partner Guide

Partner's Guide to Power Management

At a time when extreme weather events seem to be causing power outages with monotonous regularity, and as cloud computing trends make datacenter uptime even more important, effective power management is getting more critical than ever.


Partner's Guide to SMB Security

The need for security is universal, but SMB requirements are very different from what enterprises need. Here's a primer for partners.

Partner’s Guide to Virtual Security

Download this channel guide for a list of tools and resources for the virtualization security industry. Read more.

2011 Partner's Guide Annual Salary Survey

Redmond Channel Partner's 5th annual salary survey report.

Partner's Guide to The Cloud Decision Matrix

You already know that every one of your small business customers needs a disaster recovery plan. And that cloud storage for online backup and recovery makes it easy for you to protect their digital business assets. But there’s more to cloud services than just online backup. Download now and learn more.

Partner's Guide to MSP Hardware

In this white paper learn how having the right hardware in place can make a big difference in keeping managed service provider based costs down. Learn more.

RCP Partner Guide

Partner's Guide to Cutting-Edge SQL Server Engagements

A vibrant community of Microsoft partners is leveraging the power of SQL Server 2008 to create new solutions and opportunities.

Partner's Guide to Cloud Services for SMBs

Thanks to a sharp uptick in cloud related spending by small and midsized businesses, partners are targeting them with storage, remote management and SaaS based services.

Partner's Guide To Data Protection Manager

With a new version of Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager out this year, and new features still being rolled into the tool, partners have new opportunities to build revenues. Learn more.

Microsoft Partner Network

The Microsoft Partner Network

Changes to the Microsoft Partner Network have begun and they will affect nearly every partner in some way.

Partners Guide to High Availability

Solution providers offering high availability for Windows Server systems are encouraged by new technologies, lower prices and increased server demand. Learn more.

Partners Guide to Information Management

Today's typical company graples with such a monumental amount of data from e-mail, unstructured data and application files that it simply cannot manage and organize this information without help. Learn more.

SQL Server 2008 R2

Partner's Guide to SQL Server 2008 R2

New tooling and features elevate the database server to a faster and more efficient platform on which to build solutions. Read more in this Partner Guide from Redmond Channel Partner.

Partner's Guide to Microsoft System Center

In late April Microsoft released to manufacturing two new products in its System Center suite, System Center Essentials 2010 and Data Protection Manager 2010. Learn more.

Partners Guide to IT Automation

Learn about six ways solution providers are helping customers manage their infrastructure. Learn more.

Partners Guide to Backup and Recovery

Almost every part of the IT industry has suffered this year, and storage solutions have been among the hardest hit. Despite the downturn, there are some encouraging signs appearing in market research reports that things are turning around for the storage sector in the IT industry. Learn more.

Consolidating SQL Server

Partner's Guide to Consolidating SQL Server

New virtualization and management technologies throughout the Microsoft stack are enabling a significant new area of business for partners with data management expertise.

Partner's Guide to Dynamics Partners

Redmond Channel Partner dives deep into the details of the MPN for Dynamics partners and strategy behind the changes. Read more.

Partner’s Guide to Cloud Computing

Cloud computing introduces new ways of doing business. Your success could hinge on how well your business adapts. Guide from Redmond Channel Partner.

Partner Guide to Security

Partner's Guide to Security

Although IT spending is off in general, there are niches that are doing better than the average. Security sales are among those sectors holding their own. Find out how partners are addressing today’s security market.

Virtual Desktop Guide

Partner's Guide to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Microsoft and Citrix are working together on a go-to-market strategy for partners to take VDI solutions to customers. Get the full story in this Redmond Channel Partner report. Get it now.

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Partners' Guide to SQL Server 2008

In this report, Redmond Channel Partner looks at strategies that Microsoft partners are using now to up-sell Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to help customers gain competitive advantage.

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Partner Action Plan for Software-as-a-Service

This report from Redmond Channel Partner examines seven of the best opportunities that Microsoft partners can try now to start making money in SaaS.

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A Partner's Guide to Microsoft Optimization

Find out about the new tools and deeper commitments in the Optimization initiative. Microsoft partners are provided with step-by-step roadmaps to develop their customers' infrastructures into models of efficiency.

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ISVs Guide to Application Certification

In this report, RCP Editor in Chief, Scott Bekker talks to several ISVs who have gone through the Windows Server 2008 certification process. Read this free report to find out if getting your application certified could help your business.

AVAYA Unified Communications Guide

UC is more compelling today than ever before. Download this RCP report to find out what types of sales approaches successful partners are using right now to close more deals.

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Guide to Hosting Solution Providers

This information-rich report will help you make sense of hosted services. It includes details of Microsoft's hosted unified communications product stack, the market forces driving it and much more.

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Virtualization: The Next Real Thing

This report from Redmond Channel Partner shows the benefits and challenges of virtualization and how to educate your customers in this exciting technology.