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How To Capitalize on Windows 10 To Fuel Partner Marketing

Microsoft's global Windows 10 advertising campaign launched on July 20. While most of your clients are unlikely to be early adopters, that doesn't mean they aren't interested. Windows 10 will impact their businesses over the coming years, and you should be the one to help them understand what that means.

As you have been testing Windows 10 with your solutions, participating in the Windows Insider program and attending training sessions, you've gained insight that your clients would like to hear about. This is a great time to share those experiences and educate your customers about the next wave of technology and how it will affect their businesses. As you develop your messages, focus on the outcomes that Windows 10 and your solution sets will enable, instead of new features.

Marketing Tactics and Resources
Microsoft continues to improve the marketing resources available to partners. With just a little digging, you can find content to provide a foundation for most any business problem you want to address. Take the content that Microsoft has created and add your own messaging on the value that you bring.

Blog posts and newsletter articles should focus on how Windows 10 plus your solutions will address a business problem. Examples include mobile security, connecting to customers through social channels, and supply-chain management. A good source of ideas for posts are on the Microsoft blog sites, including Windows, Office 365, Dynamics, Business Intelligence and Server/Tools.

E-mail campaigns should always include a strong call to action like an e-book, infographic or event. Here are some ideas. The ModernBiz campaigns on Microsoft's Ready-to-Go site include e-mail templates that you can customize to add your own message and offer.

In-person events are just as important as always, maybe more so. Many partners are finding that customers appreciate a reason to get out of the office. Microsoft's Community Connections program is an excellent service to help you connect with local organizations. If you have a Microsoft store in your town, book it for your event.

Webinars are still worth a try, though pick a specific topic that is top-of-mind for your customers. Windows 10 should be an added value to the main topic. There is plenty of content on Ready-to-Go to help you build a professional-looking presentation.

No matter how you take your message to prospects and customers, focus on the business value. How is Windows 10 going to improve the way your customers do business? How can the solutions that you offer get them there faster? Your customers look to you to help them keep pace with changing technology. The Windows 10 release is a perfect opportunity for you to translate features and functionality into the business value they deliver.

How are you marketing next-gen technology to your customers? Add a comment below or send me a note and let's share the knowledge.

Posted by Barb Levisay on July 23, 2015


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