Navigating Microsoft

Microsoft System Center Exec Promoted to VP Position

Microsoft on Tuesday announced the promotion of Brad Anderson, an executive who helped foster various server management products in the Microsoft System Center product line.

By the Numbers: A 'Most Difficult Environment'

Company CFO Chris Lidell called the quarter perhaps "the most difficult environment Microsoft has faced in its entire 30-year history."

Unlocking the Secrets of Microsoft's Calendar

To many outside Redmond, the inner workings of the company's fiscal year are baffling at best. Our quarter-by-quarter guide removes some of the mystery -- and helps partners profit by doing the right thing at the right time.

MS101 for Microsoft Partners

Attendees at that first event in Maryland received a gift bag that included the Demo Showcase, a valuable set of customizable online demos.

Precious Gems in Plain Sight

Microsoft offers a wealth of resources that its executives really want you to use.

Navigating Microsoft

Microsoft is a massive, complex organization. Finding your way through it isn't easy, but savvy partners know it's essential to their success.