Partner Points Reader Letters

Why some won't worry about Best Buy encroaching on their SBS territories. Plus, one reader goes virtual.

Partner Points: RCP Reader Letters

Small biz vs. Best Buy; limitations virtual server technology. Readers Respond

Small (biz) complaint; software as a service advocate speaks up; sold on selling tips.

Windows Vista Delays

Software as a service, Windows Vista delays get on the last nerves of readers this time out.

Readers Respond, March 2006

Readers talk back on Action Pack abusers, recruiting, blueprinting, and the IAMCP prez chimes in.

Readers Respond September 2005

Picking out must reads, partnering with others and award-winning tales.

Readers Respond July 2005

Readers welcome RCP and look forward to having a forum where they can voice their opinions to Microsoft and the channel itself. Plus, some responses to the question, "What Would You Do If You Ran Microsoft?"