Partner Advocate

It's Happening!

After many delays, Vista sees daylight. You can now get busy.

New Campaigns Signal a Shift in Gears

Microsoft offers creative ways to get more business out of Vista, and partners are the primary beneficiaries of those moves.

It's Happening!

After many delays, Vista sees daylight. You can now get busy.

Profitability, Skills Shortage, Solution Finder, More

The Worldwide Partner Group gears up to offer partners a slew of services to help their customers get ready for Windows Vista and Office 2007.

MSPP Web Site Gets a Facelift

For a once-drab site, a little polish goes a long way.

Microsoft's Hard Edge

There's a new tone in the Partner Program.

More Hat-Changing in Microsoft Executive Ranks

The high-level executive org chart at Microsoft begins looking less like a London road map.

The Mother of All Partner Conferences

The biggest gathering of your peers takes place this July in Boston at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference

Push for Answers on Software as a Service

Partners have good reason to be concerned as Microsoft grows its SaaS business.

An Engineer's Last Stand

Schedule slips are common and expected with software development projects; Windows Vista's can be blamed on a focus on quality.

Catching the Desktop Train

Microsoft is readying two major end-user products, Vista and Office 2007, to roll on through by the end of 2006.

Partners Take Control

Reader feedback makes Redmond Channel Partner go round.

Watch Out, I'm a Partner Now

Now that anyone can register to become a Microsoft Partner, how does that affect the partner community?

You've Got Homework

Desmond's last column requests feedback from readers on some future story ideas.

Let's Fix Licensing

We can sit back and wait for Microsoft to tackle this all-important issue, or we can propose our own solution.