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Reader feedback makes Redmond Channel Partner go round.

A magazine like ours depends on input from readers. We knew from the start that there was a huge need for an independent publication for Microsoft partners, and we now know the big issues you face every day. What we need most from you are details on critical challenges you face, how these issues affect you and tips for dealing with them.

We just completed a reader survey to get at some of those specifics, and the response was overwhelming. You answered from across the partner spectrum -- responses came from VARs, consulting service providers, Large Account Resellers, ISVs, systems integrators and others. More than 330 of you took the time to fill out our detailed survey. What's more, you filled it out carefully and thoughtfully. We even appreciated jokers' entries (Deathstar Systems Inc. employee, you know who you are). In addition to giving us a laugh on a question or two, you still shared valuable insights.

We asked: "Imagine you are the editor of Redmond Channel Partner magazine. What types of articles would you pursue that would be most helpful to partners like yourself?" Your answers were superb. So good, in fact, that I won't be forwarding the full list to my boss. With so many reader ideas, who needs an editor? Well, maybe I'll pass along the one that says, "The editor does a fine job."

Here are some of the best answers about what you'd like to see:

  • "Charting the district waters ... recent reorganizations have changed everything. Knowing how the verticals collapsed into the districts would help a lot."
  • "How to make a positive cash flow. Business operations and what our customers are saying about the partners."
  • "Application of technologies internally to maximize efficiency in my organization."
  • "The secret to working with Microsoft Consulting Services, Microsoft and the customer at the same time. The real skinny here -- who really swings the bat?"
  • "How to better navigate Microsoft and how partners have built good working relationships with Microsoft."
  • "More articles with practical sales advice."
  • "Case studies -- with details. Change the names but for God's sake, include details -- job costing, hourly rates, software chosen and why."
  • "Integrating Microsoft solutions into heterogeneous environments, and identifying value-add opportunities when implementing sophisticated Microsoft solutions."

We listened. Your answers will drive our coverage throughout the year.

In fact, we started with this issue. Of all the types of articles we provide, you told us that Microsoft product roadmaps were among the most important to you. That's why you'll find a roadmap here. A lot of you are also involved in selling to small business. We've got you covered and will continue to dedicate space there in the coming months. Did I hear that cash flow is an issue? Go here.

We'll be bringing more of the coverage you've asked for. Navigating Microsoft was a recurring theme among your answers, and it will be our editorial theme for next month. Speaking of which, expect to see us more often. We're coming out monthly from now on, instead of every other month.

If you missed the survey but still want to provide feedback, we're certainly still interested. Or, if you responded and still have more to tell us, I'm at

About the Author

Scott Bekker is editor in chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.


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