SharePoint News Connectors Getting the Axe

A capability that enabled admins to make new SharePoint content viewable within Microsoft Teams will be phased out starting next month.


MSPs Missing Out on 'Continuous Compliance' Benefits: Report

Compliance services are good for partners to have in their portfolio, but "continuous compliance" services would be even better.

Security and ROI Worries Blocking Orgs from Wider AI Adoption

Two recent reports from research firm Gartner indicate that businesses are as wary of generative AI as they are keen to use it.

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Registration Opens for Microsoft's New Summer Partner Event

Microsoft's flagship partner conference, Inspire, may not be taking place as usual this year, but the company is launching a new event in its place.

Oracle Offers Its Cloud To Help Microsoft-OpenAI Partnership

To give generative AI leader OpenAI more room to innovate, Microsoft and Oracle have agreed to combine their respective cloud capacities.


Microsoft Reverses Even More on Windows Recall

Recall, a new Windows 11 feature designed to "retrace users' steps," won't be seeing the light of day anytime soon.

Microsoft To Wind Down Copilot Pro's 'GPT Builder' Feature

Subscribers of Microsoft's Copilot Pro solution will lose access to a key perk starting next month.

Windows Server 2025 GPU Improvements Promise Major AI Support

Currently in public preview, Windows Server 2025 is shaping up to be a major beneficiary of Microsoft's wide-ranging collaboration with chip giant Nvidia.

High Levels of Customer Unease Around VMware-Broadcom Deal: Report

CloudBolt Software, a Microsoft technical partner and self-described "cloud ROI company," recently commissioned a survey of 300 current VMware customers gauging their outlook on VMware's acquisition by Broadcom.

Microsoft Reconsiders Controversial Windows Recall Feature

Windows Recall, a feature that Microsoft unveiled last month alongside its new Copilot+ PCs, will not be turned on by default when it becomes generally available.

Microsoft's Not-Acquisition of Inflection Draws Antitrust Concerns

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Microsoft's "soft acquisition" of Inflection AI this past spring has drawn unwanted attention from U.S. antitrust watchdogs.


Microsoft Previews a 'Premium' Version of Azure Bastion

A public preview of a new, more feature-rich SKU of Microsoft's Azure Bastion virtual machine (VM) security product is now available.

Dynamics 365 Contact Center Release Coming Next Month

The latest of Microsoft's AI-boosted CRM products, Dynamics 365 Contact Center, is set to become generally available on July 1.

Microsoft Inks 'Multibillion' Copilot Deal with Hitachi's Digital Industry Arm

Hitachi and Microsoft have agreed to a three-year partnership that entails integrating Microsoft's various AI and cloud products with Hitachi's industry IoT software platform.

Industrial IoT Devices at Growing Risk, Warns Microsoft

Attention, industry channel partners: Microsoft has noticed an increase in security attacks targeting operational technology (OT) devices with Internet connectivity.

Microsoft Offers License Portability To Entice VMware Customers to Azure

Microsoft has just added another migration incentive for VMware customers looking for a stable cloud on which to fall.

Amid Copilot Blitz, Microsoft Describes Partners' Roles

Copilot does not just "democratize AI" for Microsoft's end user customers; it democratizes AI for its partners, too.

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Microsoft Developing 'Converged' Identity Platform Built on Entra

Microsoft this week sketched out its preliminary plans for building an identity access management platform to help organizations bridge gaps in their cloud security.

Windows Server 2025 Now at Public Preview Stage

The next version of Microsoft's server operating system, Windows Server 2025, is now in public preview.

Microsoft Joins Amazon, Google, OpenAI and Other Tech Giants in AI Safety Pledge

Over a dozen companies at the forefront of today's generative AI boom have agreed to a set of "AI safety commitments" as part of last week's AI Seoul Summit.