New Business Opportunities

HP Revamps PartnerOne

Updates cover deal registration, membership structures, the Elite designation and market development funds.

The Middleman Is Dead, Long Live the Middleman!

Partners might be wondering what their role selling Microsoft solutions will be when the bulk of services are offered direct to customers online.

Marketing in a Cloudy 2011

The coming year brings some novel challenges for resellers who are in the midst of planning.

Leveraging the MPN for Cloud Channels

Partners who are "in the cloud" can get specific help with sales, services and marketing.

The Dawn of a New Day for SBS

With a focus on the super-small business market, Aurora offers a cross-premises Active Directory solution that's easy to manage.

Forecasts Suggest Slower PC Growth Ahead

IDC, Intel revising forecasts downward for second half of 2010.

OCS Is Out, Lync Is In

With new product name, Communications Server enters release candidate stage.

MPN: Where Do You Want To Go Today?

It's time to get serious about the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).

Smartphone Adoption Beating Expectations

IDC upgrades 2010 growth forecast for converged mobile devices.

Microsoft Launches Cloud Champions Club

Three-tier model brings field resources, MDF, per-deal subsidies to U.S. partners.

Cloud Strategies: Yours and Microsoft's

Microsoft's determination to dominate the market for online services has never been as evident as it was at the 2010 Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). Why is it moving so aggressively into that space?

Come to SQL: SQL Server Migration Assistant Updated

Microsoft offers new SQL Server migration tools for MySQL and updated tools for Access, Oracle and Sybase.

Windows Intune Hits a Flat Pitch

Some MSPs are intrigued by the new Microsoft cloud-based Windows Intune, but the product's early positioning and the company's commitment to the managed services model are questioned.

Microsoft Financing Back on the Fast Track

Program expands to rely on a broader base of banks worldwide.

Dynamics CRM Facelift Brings Confidence to the Channel

Partners like Jeffrey Goldstein are eager for features in Microsoft's forthcoming release that will give them better traction against