Managed Service Providers

Microsoft To Decrease Prices on Windows Server SPLAs

Microsoft plans to decrease the pricing of its Service Provider License Agreement offerings for Windows Server 2008 R2, starting next year.

The Middleman Is Dead, Long Live the Middleman!

Partners might be wondering what their role selling Microsoft solutions will be when the bulk of services are offered direct to customers online.

Distributors: Thinking Outside the Box

Today's distributors do much more than ship products and track orders -- it's too bad some channel partners don't know it.

Cloud Backup and Recovery

Will the cloud replace tape and local disk as the preferred means of protecting enterprise data? Though this was once unthinkable, cloud storage is starting to gain momentum.

The Dawn of a New Day for SBS

With a focus on the super-small business market, Aurora offers a cross-premises Active Directory solution that's easy to manage.

Cloud Strategies: Yours and Microsoft's

Microsoft's determination to dominate the market for online services has never been as evident as it was at the 2010 Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). Why is it moving so aggressively into that space?

Microsoft Admits BPOS Downtime

SLAs reportedly affected by three BPOS interruptions in August and September.

Microsoft's Cloud in a Box

The Windows Azure Platform Appliance is coming this fall. While you can't buy one of these limited-production releases, it could portend the future of private clouds.

Windows Intune Hits a Flat Pitch

Some MSPs are intrigued by the new Microsoft cloud-based Windows Intune, but the product's early positioning and the company's commitment to the managed services model are questioned.

Windows Intune Beta 2 Service Now Available

Microsoft rolled out a second beta of its Windows Intune service on Monday, but availability is limited.

Backup and Recovery -- What Are SMBs Waiting For?

In the battle to get customers to pay attention to backup and recovery offerings, it's important to know your enemy.

Microsoft IT Consolidates Outsourcing Contracts with Infosys

Deal puts much of Microsoft's IT operations into a global contract with major Indian SI.

Beyond Managed Services

Your clients often need services that go beyond what you offer in the traditional MSP role. So, look around: Is there untapped revenue sitting right under your nose?

Get on the AMS Bandwagon

Applications managed services (AMS) has been gaining a lot of traction lately.

MSP Philosophy: Relationships Underpin IT

What makes you different from your competitors? The answer is simple and obvious.