Channel Call

Making the Most of a Partner Conference

In a field crowded with competitors, differentiation needs to be part of everything you do -- even how you attend a partner conference.

3 Movies To Inspire Your Sales Approach

While traveling recently, I had an epiphany. If we want to move our businesses forward, we first must move ourselves forward.

With Vendors, Fertilize, Water and Weed

My theme for the last several months was how you can differentiate your firm from the masses of other resellers in the world.

Corporate Culture as a Marketing Investment

To make your business stand out, what you do internally behind the scenes can be even more important than what you do externally.

Become a Thought Leader

The benefits of thought leadership are many, and cost less than engaging in a full-blown advertising campaign.

Make a Mark with Your Marketing

As the economy improves this year, partners should have differentiation in mind -- starting with marketing.

Inside Microsoft's Worst Hard Time

Based on its latest quarterly report, Redmond resembles other tech companies hit by the recession as it bleeds net income and lays off workers.

Hazarding a Look Ahead

Uncertain financial climate, new U.S. president, new Windows OS -- all on the horizon and bound to affect partners in some way.

Forecasting Azure Skies

Never mind the recession. With Windows Azure, partners have a new set of challenges brought on by cloud-based computing.

Tech Starts to Feel the Pain

IT seemed immune to the financial crisis, but companies are now reacting as news becomes more ominous by the day.

Expect Google to Burnish Chrome to a High Shine

Dismiss Chrome as another browser and partners might miss a big opportunity.

What's Your KPI?

What's working and what's not working at your company? A good way to find out is trending your business through Key Performance Indicators.

S+S Starting Gun Fired

Microsoft's software and services combo takes a running start at competitors with "deskless" versions of its Office tools.

Top 5 Channel Falsehoods

Of the many warning signs that a reseller-vendor relationship might not work, here's a list of the ones I find to be all too common.

RCP Has the 411 at the WPC

News, video, blogs -- we give you the scoop on Microsoft's annual event for partners.