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3 Movies To Inspire Your Sales Approach

Movies that have inspired me to move my business in the right direction.

While traveling recently, I had an epiphany. If we want to move our businesses forward, we first must move ourselves forward.

Like many of you, I bring DVDs with me when I travel. Recently, I watched "Seabiscuit," "The Blind Side" and "Cinderella Man." After watching the three films, I had my moment of clarity about moving my business in the same direction.

Each of those films includes elements of dramatic inspiration, overcoming unreal obstacles and accomplishing mighty achievements. Two of the stories take place during the Great Depression, while one occurs in recent times.

Beating the Odds
"Cinderella Man" is one of my favorite movies. The underlying story of "Cinderella Man" is what we each need to hold tightly to our chests everyday. The main character shows us determination in the face of extraordinarily difficult economic circumstances. It centers around a man who has a family to support at a time when there is no work.

He was supposedly "washed up" as a boxer, but through sheer determination and faith in his abilities, he was able to claw his way out of his situation and achieve great things in life.

I was astounded by the sheer fortitude of his character. Each of us needs to will ourselves and our businesses to greater heights. We need to be determined to grow our businesses and stay the course when we know it's the right course to stay on. Do good and good will come your way.

Treat People Well
In "Seabiscuit," one of the main characters was Charles Howard (the horse's owner). Among the many things I picked up from watching the film was the way he treated all the people around him, from the workers caring for the barn to his business associates at the car dealerships he owned.

Each person was treated with respect and dignity. Charles was striving to be good in his life and in turn good things happened to him. Too often, I see business people speak of doom and gloom or treat other people poorly. And, too often, I see the opposite effect occur with these people: sales go down, retention rates sky rocket and morale hits the doldrums.

Their rationalization is that they're trying to run a business. My counter to that is that your business will run better if you change the way you do things.

Do the Right Thing
"The Blind Side" struck a chord with me because it gave me hope that humanity still exists. Here's a family who has everything going for them: a thriving business, ambitious children and so on. The main character, Leigh Anne Tuohy realizes she can make a dramatic difference in the life of a young, homeless teenager.

She jumps out of her comfort zone and changes the teenager's life forever. One piece of dialogue struck me, though. It goes something like this: A friend comments, "Leigh Anne, I think it's a great thing you're doing for this boy. He's very fortunate and you are changing his life." Leigh Anne replies, "I'm the fortunate one because he's changing my life." As business people, we need to be looking for ways to positively influence others and, in turn, we might just feel the same way Leigh Anne Tuohy felt.

Staying True
In all three movies, the characters were grounded and had deep beliefs that carried them through difficult times. Without a set of high morals and ethical standards, each of the characters would not have made it. As business people, we need to stay true to our convictions and this will naturally filter into our business.

Think daily about how the characters in the two movies that took place during the Great Depression handled themselves. Then, think about how you can conduct business in the same manner. Consider how the family in "The Blind Side" took it upon themselves to make a difference in someone else's life and then apply this to your business. I guarantee good things will happen.

About the Author

Keith Lubner is Chief Business Strategist at Sales Gravy, the sales acceleration company, and managing partner of C3 Channel, a global consulting organization focused on channel strategy, design, enablement, outsourcing and training for growing companies. For more information about Keith, visit, or


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