Master the Internet of Things

IoT is touted as the next big thing. Some Microsoft partners are already positioning themselves to leverage Microsoft platform assets to meet needs customers didn't know they had.


Change Management Advice for Microsoft Partners

By Bob Marsh

Changes are coming at end users faster than ever. Microsoft channel veteran Bob Marsh makes the case that now is a good time for channel partners to consider creating an adoption and change management practice.

How Microsoft Partners Can Master the 'Internet of Things'

By Barb Levisay

IoT is often mentioned as the next great market opportunity. It also happens that Microsoft partners are uniquely positioned to help their customers embrace IoT. The challenge is getting customers to understand that they've got an IoT problem.

2014 RCP Rocket Award Winners: Profiles in Business Courage

By Scott Bekker

Three companies earned our second annual award for sustainable business growth, the RCP Rocket Award. For PowerObjects, HMB Inc. and Concurrency Inc., common business problems were the cauldron from which stronger companies emerged.


Microsoft Rolling Out Android, Chromebook Challengers This Fall

By Gladys Rama

Hardware partners at last month's 2014 IFA conference shined the spotlight on a raft of lower-cost Windows PCs.