Office in the iPad Era

Twenty-five things partners should know about pairing the Microsoft flagship productivity suite with the ubiquitous Apple tablet.


What's the True Price of a Microsoft Competency?

By Gladys Rama

Between exam costs, training costs and the cost of lost billable hours, the price of a gold Microsoft competency can far exceed Microsoft's base fee. Using the Gold Server Platform competency as a baseline, we look at how two partners have invested in the competency program, and what that investment has gotten them in return.

Third-Party Tools for Office 365 Migration and Management

By Scott Bekker

Setting up and managing Office 365 for customers doesn't have to be a manual, poorly documented job for partners. As the market for the SaaS product booms, so does the ecosystem of powerful tools from third parties.

Office in the iPad Era: 25 Things Microsoft Partners Should Know

By Scott Bekker

From licensing issues to potential problem points, here's what partners should know about positioning and selling the Microsoft flagship productivity suite to businesses on the world's most popular tablet.