MPN Changes Its Formula

Inside Microsoft's major overhaul and what partners need to know.


Windows Azure Helps Small Partner Score Huge Deal

By Gladys Rama

How one small Microsoft partner in the U.K. leveraged the Windows Azure cloud service to win a huge contract against consortiums of IT giants -- enabling a more robust solution at a lower cost than traditional IT approaches could promise.

MPN 2.0: Behind the Microsoft Partner Network Overhaul

By Scott Bekker

At the Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft laid out a major overhaul of the 3-year-old Microsoft Partner Network. The changes send several important messages about how the software giant is thinking about its partners and their role.

Microsoft Partner Network Competency Changes in 2014 (Flow Chart)

By Redmond Channel Partner magazine staff

In January 2014, Microsoft will boil 25 competencies and one quasi-competency down to 22. Here are the key changes (and a list of the competncies that remain unchanged).

Meet the New Bosses: The Key Executives in Microsoft's Reorg

By Jeffrey Schwartz

Steve Ballmer unveiled a much anticipated major reorganization intended to change the conflict orientation of Microsoft's culture to one of shared focus. Some of the winners in Ballmer's new structure are familiar faces. Others are being pulled into the spotlight from deeper within the organization.


Dynamics Partners React to Microsoft Axing Partner Account Manager Role

By Barb Levisay

Every Microsoft partner is accustomed to the July shuffle of account managers and field personnel, but the week after this year's Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference the Dynamics management team announced bigger changes.