The 2012 Microsoft Product Roadmap

This calendar year is huge for Microsoft and its partners, with paradigm-bending refreshes coming for many of Microsoft's most strategic products.


How 3 Microsoft Partners Are Adapting Their Service Models for the Cloud

By Barb Levisay

As SMBs adopt cloud solutions, how can partners continue to provide value-added services to those organizations? Innovative partners are finding ways to "package" services to accompany cloud-based changes in both technology and buyer attitudes.

Microsoft Lync 2010 App for Windows Phone: A Review

By Benjamin Tosado

A Lync implementation partner puts the hotly anticipated Microsoft mobile app through its paces on his Windows Phone. Here is his verdict.


CES Postscript: Microsoft's New Math = Metro

By Scott Bekker

The tile-based interface was the star attraction of the final Microsoft Consumer Electronics Show keynote.

CES: 6 Windows Hardware Stunners

By Scott Bekker

Microsoft had few announcements at CES but OEM partners brought out new Windows-based laptops and phones.