MPN @ 1 Year

Since Microsoft completely switched over to the Microsoft Partner Network a year ago, a lot has happened. Find out about pluses -- such as specialization and incentive alignment -- and the minuses -- such as higher costs and certification burdens -- in RCP's special report.


Judging the Impact of Microsoft's Master VAR Program

By Barb Levisay

The Master VAR program evokes strong emotions in the Dynamics partner channel. There are plenty of critics of the program, but Microsoft is committed to pushing the model forward, which will bring a new dimension -- and perhaps new energy -- to the Dynamics partner ecosystem.

The Microsoft Partner Network's 1st Year: What Changed, What Worked and Where Does the Cloud Fit?

By Scott Bekker

What's happened since Microsoft completely switched over to the Microsoft Partner Network with its dramatically different competency, specialization and incentive structures? A lot.

8 Third-Party SharePoint Vendors To Watch

By Kurt Mackie, Gladys Rama

More than 200 partners showcased tools aimed at extending the Microsoft team collaboration platform at its annual SharePoint Conference. Here's a snapshot of eight that caught our eyes.


Virginia Rometty To Take Top Spot at Big Blue

By Jeffrey Schwartz

Thirty-year IBM veteran expected to follow the strategies set by Palmisano, who remains as chairman.