The Microsoft Partner Network Issue

After following rumors and tentative previews for three years, partners are coming in from the dark about the major revamp of Microsoft's massive partner program. When the changes take effect this month, they will affect nearly every partner in some way.


11 Key Things About the New Microsoft Partner Network

By Scott Bekker

For Microsoft's roughly 400,000 formal partners, the changeover this month to a new partner program means that everything from business cards to business practices will change.

MPN: What You Need To Know If You're a Dynamics Partner

By Scott Bekker

Dynamics partners have always had different needs than other Microsoft partners, and the MPN has very different requirements of its business applications partners.

Checklists for Transitioning To Microsoft's New Partner Network

By Scott Bekker

Microsoft checklists outline process, collect tools for partners to switch over to the MPN.

The Dawn of a New Day for SBS

By J. Peter Bruzzese

With a focus on the super-small business market, Aurora offers a cross-premises Active Directory solution that's easy to manage.

So You Think You Know Windows 1.0?

By Scott Bekker

For the 25th anniversary of Windows 1.0 -- the Microsoft product at the root of the modern Microsoft channel -- take our quiz about the market forces, Microsoft personalities and technical specs of the earliest version of the OS. How much do you remember about the debut of Windows? Take our quiz!

11 Former Microsoft Executives: Where Are They Now?

By Scott Bekker

Stephen Elop blasted a hole in the Microsoft org chart last month by stepping into the CEO job at Nokia.

Microsoft Launches Cloud Champions Club

By Scott Bekker

Three-tier model brings field resources, MDF, per-deal subsidies to U.S. partners.


OCS Is Out, Lync Is In

By Scott Bekker, Jeffrey Schwartz

With new product name, Communications Server enters release candidate stage.

Acquisitions, Expansions Among NSIs

By Scott Bekker, Jeffrey Schwartz

Tallan buys twentysix New York, Sapient expands.

Microsoft Admits BPOS Downtime

SLAs reportedly affected by three BPOS interruptions in August and September.

Forecasts Suggest Slower PC Growth Ahead

By Jeffrey Schwartz

IDC, Intel revising forecasts downward for second half of 2010.

Smartphone Adoption Beating Expectations

By David Nagel

IDC upgrades 2010 growth forecast for converged mobile devices.