March 2008 - Saas: The Highest Hurdle

Microsoft helps partners make a SaaS leap into ERP segment. Plus: Open Value Subscription licensing in plain English; selling Windows Server 2008; turning to legal counsel; lead management; sales accountability; more.


Low Money Down: Open Value Licensing for SMBs

By Rich Freeman

Microsoft's Open Value Subscription licensing plan essentially lets customers rent software rather than buy it, for substantially less money. Will small and midsize businesses take the bait?

Best Practices: Keeping the Law on Your Side

By Fred Bayles

Sooner or later, every growing company wrestles with the question of whether it's better to keep consulting outside legal counsel or finally bring an attorney in-house. Here's advice to help you make the right call.

SaaS: The Highest Hurdle

By Lee Pender

Software as a Service is gaining momentum in CRM and messaging segments. Now, partners try to leap into the ERP realm.

Windows Server 2008 Brings Big Challenges

By Peter Varhol

Microsoft's super-sized server launch offers both increased work and new opportunities for integrators and ISVs.


M&A: Virtually Unlimited Opportunity

By Anne Stuart

Citrix CEO Mark Templeton says his company's acquisition of virtualization vendor XenSource has created a fast-growing joint channel for partners as well.

Transactions: Time to Gear up for a MicroHoo! Partner Program?

By Scott Bekker

Analysts: Not so fast, partner.

Postscript: Transition at the Top

By Anne Stuart

Microsoft veteran Raikes heads for the door; technology industry leader Elop prepares to take his place.

Channel News: On the Forefront of New Business

By Anne Stuart

Microsoft rolls out new programs designed to stimulate Forefront sales-and secure profits for partners.