April 2008 - Green Is Good

Partners find innovative ways to tap the green computing segment; selling SaaS to your clients; SQL Server 2008; more.


Green Is Good for Profits as Well as for the Planet

By Fred Bayles

Microsoft and its partners are discovering that environmentally responsible computing isn't just a nice thing to do -- it's potentially lucrative, too.

P2P Power

By Anne Stuart

Without official vendor backing, 100-plus partner companies have formed lively homegrown peer groups to support each other and kick-start their businesses.

Microsoft's Upcoming Database Release An Expanding Database

By Joanne Cummings

SQL Server 2008 is adding functionality in all directions, opening new opportunity areas for partners. One area that isn't growing: the price tag.

Poring Over Microsoft's Interoperability Initiative

By Scott Bekker

Microsoft is putting tens of thousands of pages of interoperability documents online. Its partners may need to find new ways to make peace with open source software.


A Place For Everyone

By Lee Pender and RCP Staff

Microsoft's renamed server group -- including the products formerly known as 'Centro' and 'Cougar' -- target SMBs at every level.

More Moves at Microsoft

By Anne Stuart and RCP Staff

As three major players depart, the company plays musical chairs to fill their jobs.

Tech Sector Spotlight: UC

By Scott Bekker

Major players busy broadening technology's appeal.

ACS Turns Page with Acquisition Spree

By Scott Bekker

Outsourcer struggled through 2007 with high-profile fight over private equity buyout.

Taking Down the Pirates

By Scott Bekker

Microsoft lawyer David Finn says the final prosecutions in a global piracy ring mark progress in the massive fight against software counterfeiting.