July 2007 - Microsoft Competition: The Lay of the Land

In this issue: The July issue takes a look at the competitive landscape for Microsoft. Also included are features on how to get closer to Redmond and mind your manners in the process (don't say "Google"). There's more, with articles on disaster recovery support, Worldwide Parter Group reorganizations and SharePoint Server 2007.


Getting the Lay of the Land

By Scott Bekker

Here's an up-to-date sketch of Microsoft's competitive landscape -- including the peaks and valleys that most affect partners.

Minding Your Microsoft Manners

By Lee Pender

RCP's experts answer five tricky etiquette questions and provide pointers on what to do -- and what not to do -- when meeting with Microsoft.

Setting Up Shop Near Seattle

By Rich Freeman

Opening an office near Microsoft's corporate HQ can help you get inside information and access to the right people -- or simply drain your bank account. Here's what to consider before deciding whether a Redmond branch is right for you.