January 2007 - Partnering for Profitability

Plus: partner strategies for working in an atmosphere of M&As; how to take advantage of technology spending; surviving company politics; a look at Windows Vista, from a partner perspective; more


Vendor Consolidation

By Lee Pender

With a few key strategies, partners can maximize profitability by leveraging the constant and sometimes disruptive force of vendor consolidation.

Caught in the Crossfire of Internal Politics

By Fred Bayles

Fed up with your client's in-house turf wars? This advice from the trenches will help you survive even the toughest of battles.

Partnering for Profitability

By Scott Bekker

What Microsoft's Partner Team is doing to boost your bottom line.

Go Pro!

By Rich Freeman

Technology spending in the professional services industry is on the rise. Here's how Microsoft partners can get in on the action.