July 2006 - Microsoft: World's Biggest Brand

Partners get behind the most powerful marketing icon. Plus, Virtual PC 2004; Microsoft's Partner program revamp -- three years later; and how to get Microsoft haters on your side.


The Two Faces of the Microsoft Brand

By Doug Barney

With a great brand name comes great partner responsibility.

Dealing with Microsoft Haters

By Anne Stuart

Microsoft may be the world's best-known brand, but it's not necessarily the best-loved. Here are ways to overcome deal-busting objections.

Making the Grade

By Rich Freeman

In 2003, Microsoft announced a sweeping, risky overhaul of its partner program. Three years later, many partners give the changes passing marks.

The Importance of Being Microsoft

By Lee Pender

Microsoft isn't just the world's most powerful software company. It's also the world's biggest brand. Here's why -- and what that means to partners.