April 2006 - Navigating Microsoft: A Guide to Redmond's Corporate Maze

Partner perspectives on Microsoft's partner program, Bill Gates' vision for a digital decade, building successful partnerships, Allison Watson on partner tools for profitability, SBS Server 2003 and much more.


Defining the Digital Decade

By Lauren Gibbons Paul

Bill Gates has been chatting up the concepts of 'digital lifestyle' and 'digital work style.' But what do these terms really mean -- especially for partners?

Hire Power: Top Recruiting Tips

By Fred Bayles

Here are super ways to win the high-stakes competition to recruit top talent.

Building a Lasting Partnership

By Lee Pender

Partnerships can be powerful, and powerfully tricky. Follow these simple steps to put yours on a solid foundation. 

Microsoft and Small Businesses: Still Too Little?

By Anne Stuart

Redmond has been reaching out to small businesses, but some partners say they're still getting mixed messages.

Reaching the Decision Maker

By Scott Bekker

Getting past voice mail is a challenge. Persistence, a message focused on your customer -- not you -- and recognizing the diffusion of decision-making power are key. 

Navigating Microsoft

By Rich Freeman

Microsoft is a massive, complex organization. Finding your way through it isn't easy, but savvy partners know it's essential to their success.