November 2005 - Ready, Set, SQL!

New BI and development tools, plus peak performance, equals partner opportunity as Microsoft's long-awaited database debuts. Plus: Blueprint for success, 7 keys to selling more upgrades and much more.


Get Set for SQL Server 2005

By Joel Shore

With improvements in business intelligence and development tools, on top of greatly enhanced performance, Microsoft's long-awaited database should present ample partner opportunity.

7 Keys to Selling More Upgrades

By Rich Freeman

Microsoft may be its own greatest competitor, but you can convince customers to move on to new versions. Learn how to close that next upgrade opportunity.

Grading Your Marketing and Sales

By Jeff Wuorio

If your marketing and sales efforts aren't hitting the mark, you may be missing out on opportunities. Here's how to assess their effectiveness and repair any damage.

Delivering on the Promise

By Alison Diana

Zoran Nikolic and GM Solutions, with a 200 percent increase in business, is but one Information Worker partner success story. Microsoft is looking for lots more.

Seal the Deal with ROI

By Doug Barney

Proving that your solution will quickly pay for itself is crucial to landing more business. Here's how to come up with return-on-investment calculations that will help you gain customer trust and build lasting relationships.

Blueprint for Success

By Joanne Cummings

From pre-sales to delivery to support, partners like Tim Hebert of Atrion Networking find that blueprinting their processes makes them more efficient—and profitable.