July 2005 - Partners Helping Partners

Teaming with other partners can help you solve more customer problems—and generate more revenue. Here's how to do it effectively. Plus: Building a Core Competency; Getting Close to Microsoft; Selling—and Profiting—from SA and much more.


Partnering for Success

By Joel Shore

Teaming with other partners can help you solve more customer problems— and generate more revenue. Here's how to do it effectively.

The Partners' Partner

By Paul Desmond

Allison Watson, head of the Microsoft Partner Program, tackles issues from licensing and marketing to program changes, while offering her take on how to get the most out of Microsoft -- and grow your business.

A Change for the Better

By Kevin Ferguson

With few exceptions, members give thumbs up to the retooled Microsoft Partner Program, welcoming a new era of specialization and cooperation.

Truckin' for Customers

By Joanne Cummings

The Microsoft Across America program helps partners score big with product demos aboard technology-laden RVs -- it's just a matter of knowing the ropes.

Getting Close to Microsoft

By Paul Desmond

Once he learned how to work the relationship, Terry Beck saw his Microsoft sales climb 200-fold. Learn how you, too, can get cozy with Microsoft.

Selling -- and Profiting -- from SA

By Doug Barney

While controversial and sometimes confusing, Microsoft's Software Assurance (SA) licensing program can be a lucrative revenue stream for your business. The trick is learning the ins and outs and explaining them to potential clients.

Building a Core Competency

By Kevin Ferguson

Kevin Teder of Inrange Consulting knows that developing expertise in a chosen field can help grow his business. Learn how he and others chose sensible core competencies and developed the know-how to make them pay.

Solution Spotlights

Get in the Security Door with ISA

By Doug Barney

With Deep Ties to Microsoft apps and a bevy of functions you can make a solid case for ISA Server 2004.

One-Stop Shopping for Small Business Customers

By Jeremy Moskowitz

Small Business Server is the first step for your customers needing to integrate their business infrastructure.


Playing to Win on Microsoft's Turf

By Paul DeGroot

Understanding Microsoft's core goal is key to making your relationship work.

Marketing Microsoft

Need More Leads? Fix Your Web Site

By M.H. McIntosh

Follow these seven tips to improve your company's online presence and ensure your prospects become customers.

Partner Advocate

We're on Your Side

By Paul Desmond

Welcome to Redmond Channel Partner magazine, here to serve your interests and act as your advocate with Microsoft and your customers.

Partner Points

Readers Respond July 2005

By RCPmag.com Readers

Readers welcome RCP and look forward to having a forum where they can voice their opinions to Microsoft and the channel itself. Plus, some responses to the question, "What Would You Do If You Ran Microsoft?"

Partner View

Selling Microsoft's Security Story

By Daniel Schaan

The Trustworthy Computing initiative has brought significant improvements to some of Microsoft's technologies. Be sure you're taking advantage of them.

Selling Microsoft

Planning for Profit and Growth

By Ken Thoreson

A successful plan should describe where you want your business to go, so you can spend time working on the business, not just in the business.

The Microsoft View

Growing and Prospering with Customers

By Margo Day

By becoming trusted technology advisors, Microsoft Partners can thrive as their customers prosper.

RCP Update

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