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First Impressions of Microsoft's ISV Cloud Embed Program

It's been four months since Microsoft launched its ISV Cloud Embed program as part of the One Commercial Partner (OCP) engagement vision to Build-With, Go-to-Market and Sell-With partners.

We caught up with a partner enrolled in the program, Binary Tree, to see how the program has been working since the July launch.

The ISV Cloud Embed program uses embeddable "building blocks." Participating ISVs get access to Dynamics and Azure services to accelerate application development and simplify data management and integration. To help partners extend market reach, ISV partners are encouraged to list solutions on AppSource and Microsoft promises co-marketing opportunities.

"One of the problems we were having with the managed service application platform were limitations of data access and replication of solutions," said Justin Harris, manager of product architecture at Binary Tree. "We are taking full advantage of the ISV Cloud Embed program. We've recently launched several new cloud products built on Azure."

Designed to support their mergers-and-acquisitions practice specialization, Binary Tree recently released an application to support Active Directory sync in on-prem and cloud environments. "Using the cloud platform, a company working through a merger can leverage our platform and have a global address list on Day 1, instead of the typical delays setting up a network," said Harris. "It's a huge business value prop to customer."

The ability to roll out applications across customers instead of building custom apps can deliver big returns for partners. "For an ISV in a multi-tenant environment, the beauty of the Embed program is that we can unlock capabilities for customers without long dev times," said Harris. "With Power BI and PowerApps, we can create a dashboard and make it available to all our customers at the flip of a switch."

The ISV Cloud Embed program is an important part of Microsoft's strategy to build a robust AppSource environment catering to the business community's growing interest in SaaS vertical and functional apps.   AppSource potentially reaches 100 million commercial active users of Office 365 and a growing community of Dynamic 365 customers. Partners appear to see the potential opportunity -- AppSource, which launched in July 2016 with 200 apps, now boasts more than 2,600 and is growing rapidly.

"By registering these programs on AppSource, it allows us to be discovered from a wide global net," said Brad Sevenko, Binary Tree's managing director for Global Microsoft Alliance. "From the technical point of view, the program allows us to accelerate what we can do, creating repeatable modules accessing customer data through the Power BI and PowerApps. The capabilities to deliver these products through the [Cloud Solution Provider] program helps from a profitability standpoint. Piece all of these together, and it delivers a clear business value and return on investment."

For those partners considering whether or not to make the investments of time and training to qualify for the ISV Cloud Embed program, Sevenko sees the program as an opportunity to gain exposure and align with the goals of Microsoft field reps. "It's hard being a Microsoft partner, navigating so many touchpoints. Especially if you are new, the ISV Cloud Embed program opens up your market. Being listed on AppSource can connect you with the Microsoft field in all geographies."

In addition, cloud consumption drives the compensation of the Microsoft employees who interface with partners. It's no surprise that they will be interested in helping partners who are actively building and selling apps that will help meet those goals. Being a member of the ISV Cloud Embed program demonstrates a commitment to the vision of Microsoft's future. 

The OCP organization appears to be gaining traction with its Build-With, Go-to-Market and Sell-With strategies. As one of the first engagement programs to roll out, ISV Cloud Embed seems to be a good start, delivering a win-win-win for customers, partners and Microsoft.

How is your practice adapting to the OCP reorg? Send me a note and let's share your story.

Posted by Barb Levisay on November 16, 2017


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