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Microsoft Postpones Consumer Vista Release to Early 2007

The world will have to wait a little longer for the next version of Microsoft's flagship Windows operating system. The company will postpone the consumer release of Windows Vista -- the first major operating-system upgrade since Windows XP debuted in 2001 -- until January 2007, company officials announced this week. Microsoft initially planned to release Vista sometime in the fall of 2006, but said it needs more time to finish new security enhancements.

Microsoft expects to make Vista available to businesses in November, but the delayed release to consumers is bad news for Microsoft partners who'd hoped the new operating system would boost holiday sales.

If you're looking for more information on the implications of Vista, check out "Windows Vista and IE7--The Implications for IT," a special report from our sister publication that analyzes the technologies' new features.

Deutsche Telekom and Microsoft To Offer Internet TV in Germany
Deutsche Telekom AG and Microsoft have formed an alliance to provide Internet television services to subscribers in Germany this year, the companies said this week. The service, based on the Microsoft TV IPTV Edition software platform, will offer regular TV programming, digital video recording, interactive TV and video on demand. Deutsche Telekom hopes to have 1 million Internet TV subscribers by 2008.

Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Division, talks about Internet Protocol television and other aspects of what Microsoft calls "the digital lifestyle" in this PressPass Q&A.

And Speaking of Digital Lifestyles...
Bill Gates has been chatting up the concepts of "digital lifestyle" and "digital work style." But what do these terms really mean -- especially for partners? Redmond Channel Partner explores that question in our April feature "Defining the Digital Decade."

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Power to the People: Microsoft's Plan for "People-Ready Businesses"
Microsoft recently unveiled another sweeping vision, with officials describing how improved integration of its key products can drive innovation while streamlining operations. CEO Steve Ballmer said the "People-Ready Business" approach, based on $20 billion in R&D, will help businesses provide employees with the tools they need to collaborate globally, serve customers quickly and easily reinvent processes as needed.

Watch for an in-depth examination of the "People-Ready Business" initiative in an upcoming issue of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.

Cisco Massively Restructuring Channel Partner Program
Networking giant Cisco Systems has announced what it calls the industry's first "offer-based" channel strategy, which includes three new programs designed to reward partners who deliver global resale, outsourcing and managed network service offerings to customers.

Posted by Anne Stuart on March 22, 2006