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2 Bulletins Coming on Patch Tuesday

If it's the second Tuesday of the month, it must be patch time. For March, Microsoft is planning to release two security bulletins tomorrow. One will address a critical vulnerability in Office and the other is designed to fix a flaw in Windows that is rated "important." Microsoft advised the community of the upcoming bulletins through its Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification program. The bulletin for Office may require a system restart; the Windows bulletin will not.

An updated version of the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool is also coming, along with a high-priority, non-security update that will be distributed via Microsoft Update and Windows Server Update Services.

Project Origami Is...
One of the most talked-about stories of recent weeks was what Microsoft was up to with its Project Origami. The company revealed its secrets last week at CeBIT: Origami is an ultra-compact, wireless-enabled PC running Windows XP.

A Microsoft official bills the device as "a replacement for the classic consumer electronic devices that [consumers are] buying with disposable income."

System Builder Program Bulks Up
Valentine's Day was last month, but Microsoft last week sent a message of adoration to its system builder and distributor channels.

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The message came in the form of a press release highlighting recent investments in the channels. While some of the programs are older -- such as the Small Business Specialist Community that was launched last summer -- a few of programs are being expanded.

The Buy Local campaign, which was launched in October, will be improved upon Wednesday to include a Buy Local Bonus Pack that customers get when they buy Windows XP from a U.S. system builder. Microsoft values the pack at up to $1,200, and it includes a $50 rebate on a D-Link wireless router, a 30-day T-Mobile HotSpot subscription, free movies from CinemaNow and training from New Horizons Computer Learning Centers.

Microsoft also now plans to extend the campaign to 11 additional countries later this year.

Posted by Scott Bekker on March 13, 2006