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Marching Orders 2018: Focus on Hiring and Mentoring Women

What can Microsoft partners do differently in 2018 to make a business breakthrough? We put that question to 16 top experts, including JENNIFER DIDIER, CEO/PRESIDENT/OWNER, DIRECTIONS TRAINING. For more tips on finding success in the Microsoft channel in 2018, read our full Marching Orders feature here.

My best advice for partners in 2018, more than any other year, is to continue to target women hires and to build programs that support and mentor women in the office. As strong, resilient and loyal employees, women bring unique perspectives to the industry. We bring fresh insight into advancing the channel in new, collaborative ways. Still, we are underrepresented in the male-dominated industry. Partners must work to encourage more women to join the industry and to pursue leadership roles.

With women's contributions, the channel will continue to advance. According to, Fortune 500 companies that had at least three women directors saw an average return on equity increase by at least 53%, and return on sales increase by at least 42%. The return on invested capital increased by at least 66%. In today's modern workplace, women often have longer lifespans in companies than their male counterparts. They're also often more successful in initial stages. This crucial bit of insight will make the difference this year as companies work to create fresh solutions and evolve their business.

A computer instructor by training, Jennifer Didier worked in many roles in the IT field before her interests expanded into entrepreneurship and she started her own training company, Directions Training. As CEO, president and owner, Didier has built the company with double-digit growth year over year and has expanded the organization from a local to a global focus.

Posted by Jennifer Didier on February 20, 2018