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Doug's Mailbag: Wake Up Windows 7, More

One reader shares his thoughts on a recent letter complaining about a Windows 7 quirk:

A couple of weeks ago you published a problem somebody had with Windows 7 not waking up cleanly and the person involved having to turn the computer off and resume Windows 7 from a reboot.

I have been having exactly the same problem along with intermittently coming back to the computer to find it had randomly rebooted itself. A few days ago I saw the dreaded BSOD and the memory dump screen.

I decided the Power Supply might be the root cause. After replacing it, I've had no repetition of the problems.

Another reader comments on why it is that software can never truly be 100 percent flawless:

As long as software uses the von Neumann model where "code is data is code is" and there is no "hardware cop" to police the use of memory, the hardware/software combination will never be secure.  Secondly, as long as one depends on OOP (with its current incarnation of classes begetting child and parent classes) where the day-to-day programmer has no clue about the mechanics of the processor's native implementation of those OOP kludges, software will never be secure.   Thirdly, as long as the day-to-day programmer makes the assumption that "no reasonable user would ever do that" or "if the manual states packets are always n bytes, then EVERYONE will ALWAYS follow those rules -- DON'T need to check packet sizes," software will never be secure.  In other words as long as humans and/or semi-sentient beings program machines, software will never be secure.

The following reader agrees with Doug's assessment of why users are switching to Google Apps:

Back in the day it was cheaper for me to setup my own servers to host my domain than is was to pay for the hosting.  In December, I moved to Google Apps.  I still have to pay for the domain name, but I do not pay for the server hardware or software. I also get Web and e-mail free.  I've played with Google Docs. I don't need to share docs with many people, so I still use MS Office for my document heavy-lifting.

Posted by Doug Barney on March 12, 2010