Top 10 Microsoft Partner Blogs of 2020: MPN Priority Shakeup, Adapting to COVID-19, More

With COVID-19 changing the way customers do business, the pandemic's impact on partners was a hot topic for readers this year.

10. What Does a Great MSP Sell?
Some partners realize the MSP space is too cluttered and have started moving upmarket. Others see the problem but don't know how to move past it. This blog is for you. [Read here]

9. Microsoft Teams Usage Rips Higher to 75 Million Daily Active Users
Microsoft Teams usage has surged more than 70 percent in a little over a month as the massive shift to remote work makes online collaboration and video conferencing platforms essential. [Read here]

8. Study: Hourly Cost of Application Downtime Nearly $68K
One question asked respondents to estimate their downtime costs per hour for high-priority applications and for normal applications. The cost for normal applications came to $61,642. [Read here]

7. 10 Key Coronavirus Measures for Microsoft Partners
With the coronavirus affecting us all, both in our professional and our personal lives, it is important for Microsoft partners to take proper action in order to not fall victim to this crisis. [Read here]

6. Microsoft Shakes Up Partner Priorities for 2021
Partners can expect less blue-sky transformation and more down-to-earth optimization when it comes to the programs and incentives Microsoft presents for fiscal 2021. [Read here]

5. Microsoft Partner Awards Shine Spotlight on COVID-19 Efforts
The 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards are filled with stories of Microsoft partners rapidly retooling their offerings or crafting bespoke solutions to meet the urgent pandemic-related needs of customers -- from companies to nonprofits to government agencies. [Read here]

4. What To Give Away for Free: Nothing
Your expertise as a service provider is very valuable, the result of big investments. But the one thing successful service providers have in common is they give away nothing for free. [Read here]

3. Microsoft Teams Usage Surges by 12 Million Users in a Week
Way more people are kicking the tires of Microsoft Teams worldwide as the coronavirus forces people to work from the isolation of their homes as a public health measure. [Read here]

2. Inspire: Microsoft Sets Partner Priorities for FY 2021
Microsoft executives urged partners to pivot their efforts to remote work, business continuity, security and cloud migration over the next year in a work world that the pandemic has "changed forever." [Read here]

1. Microsoft Build: 10 Interesting Technologies Hitting GA
The Microsoft Build conference was virtual this year, but many of the product and platform revelations coming out of the show were concrete. [Read here]

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