Top 10 Microsoft Partner Tips of 2018

The tech landscape is evolving, and the channel along with it. Here are the year's best tips from channel experts for Microsoft partners trying to navigate the shifting IT ecosystem.

10. Tips for Taking Your Microsoft Partner Business Global
You should determine if you want to go through a local partner or if you want to sell direct. This is not an easy choice as both models have their pros and cons. Read here.

9. Profiles in Partnering: The Power of P2P To Bring Income to Your Inbox
When are you most likely to make mistakes? When you're in a rush. And now you're in a rush to find qualified partners to help you respond to and fulfill this opportunity. Read here.

8. Partners: It's Time To Embrace 'Shadow IT'
Microsoft partners are used to selling to the IT department, which is where the money was. Read here.

7. A Dozen Tips for Partner Startups from an Investor
I have started and sold companies my whole life. Now, I focus on investing and helping entrepreneurs. Based on my experience, here's some advice from the trenches. Read here.

6. Make the Most of Co-Sell, But Avoid Overdependence
With co-sell working so well, it is easy for partners to consider making this their only avenue for growing sales. But that would be a strategic mistake. Read here.

5. Marching Orders 2018: Do Something Different or You're Done
The channel has finally completely changed. No longer is it about a product produced by a manufacturer, distributed by a distributor to resellers who sell it to customers. It is now about you. Read here.

4. Profiles in Partnering: Realizing the Goals of the Microsoft Partner Network
What's your plan for the future? If your response is that you don't have one, please remember what Benjamin Franklin told us: "Failing to plan is planning to fail." Especially now in the partner ecosystem. Read here.

3. How To Overcome a Dazed and Confused Technology Landscape
Across the board, vendors are developing and releasing applications and services quicker than ever before. This amazing speed is causing two particular problems in the channel. Read here.

2. How To Increase Your Business Valuation
Want to see if your business will capture the attention of today's buying community? Here's a checklist of characteristics attractive to the types of companies that will pay well for what you've built. Read here.

1. How Microsoft Partners Can Drive Diversity To Build Great Businesses
Microsoft is a great source for inspiration as it has come far in this field, and it is being very proactive about embracing and driving diversity, which has paid off well for it. Read here.

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