2017 Wrap-Up: Top 10 Blogs and Commentary of the Year

From Microsoft reorg questions to what, exactly, is a CAU, here are the most popular blog posts and columns of 2017.

10. Gallery: Windows PCs from CES (Jan. 6)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "While Internet of Things integrations and putting personal assistant technologies into cars or desktop robots dominated the CES headlines out of Las Vegas this week, there were plenty of interesting new systems and gadgets for businesses running Windows 10." [Read here]

9. Live! 360: 15 Lessons Microsoft Learned Running DevOps (Nov. 16)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services/Team Foundation Server (VSTS/TFS) isn't just a toolset for DevOps; the large team at Microsoft behind the products is a long-running experiment in doing DevOps." [Read here]

8. It's Official: SQL Server v.Next Is SQL Server 2017 and It's Ready for Production (April 19)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "On track to ship roughly a year after SQL Server 2016, this new version of Microsoft's flagship database is highly anticipated for bringing Linux support to SQL Server." [Read here]

7. How To Speak Microsoft, Vol. 2: Even More Acronyms You Need To Know (March 22)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "Good communication is the basis of strong relationships -- and when it comes to Microsoft, that means figuring out your CAUs from your PDUs." [Read here]

6. Microsoft To Shut Out P-Seller Partners from Corporate Network (Feb. 22)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "Microsoft's exclusive P-Seller partner community in the United States on Monday received 28 days' notice that they would be shut out of the Microsoft corporate network and moved to a new area of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) portal, leading some partners to fear that many of the resources they regularly use to sell Microsoft solutions and escalate customer issues will be unavailable." [Read here]

5. Microsoft's Pre-Inspire Reorg Raises 7 Big Questions for Partners (July 5)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "Many of Microsoft's most committed partners will be mostly stumbling in the dark on the basic facts of the company's massive sales and marketing reorganization as they arrive next week at Inspire, the Microsoft partner conference where they're supposed to get their marching orders and work out concrete business plans for a fiscal year that started July 1." [Read here]

4. Unexpected Curves Crash Microsoft's Dynamics 365 Roadmap (Sept. 28)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "At the recent Directions North America conference, Microsoft's announcements about the Dynamics 365 roadmap didn't quite go as expected." [Read here]

3. Microsoft Quietly Shifts Partner Focus to ISVs (Jan. 23)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "As the new year begins, Microsoft is quietly increasing its focus within the partner channel on its ISV community." [Read here]

2. WikiLeaks Details Parts of CIA Playbook Against Windows (March 8)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "The massive WikiLeaks dump on Tuesday of alleged U.S. Central Intelligence Agency documents purports to reveal elements of the CIA's tactics and tools for exploiting Windows-based computers." [Read here]

1. KRACK Spells Big Trouble for Wireless Security (Oct. 16)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "A long-standing pillar of modern computer security sustained major damage on Monday when researchers revealed a serious weakness in WPA2, the gold-standard protocol for protecting wireless networks." [Read here]