2016 Wrap-Up: Top 10 News Headlines of the Year

Windows 10 -- and all the servicing complexities that came with it -- was a big deal to readers this year, but so were a few other topics. Here are the most-read news articles of 2016.

10. Microsoft Axes Convergence Conference for New 'Envision' Event (Jan. 13)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "Unlike Convergence, which was known for being Microsoft's stage to announce its Dynamics roadmaps and discuss new product features, Envision appears to be more focused on broader business topics." [Read here]

9. Windows 10 'Anniversary Update' Release: Parsing the Fine Print (Aug. 4)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "The update is mostly already here. But availability will depend, in part, on which service-branch model an organization is following, and even what management tool they use." [Read here]

8. Skype for Business Mac Client Coming in October (Sept. 30)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "The Skype for Business Mac client has been 'written from the ground up' using the Swift programming language." [Read here]

7. Microsoft Officially Drops Support for Windows 8 (Jan. 14)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "As of Jan. 12, 2016, Windows 8 is now considered to be 'unsupported' by Microsoft, meaning the company will no longer issues hotfixes or security updates for the operating system." [Read here]

6. Microsoft Gives More Guidance on SCCM vs. Intune (June 6)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "Microsoft is recommending the use of hybrid SCCM for managing more than 50,000 devices, while Intune is a consideration for less than 50,000 devices." [Read here]

5. Microsoft No. 2 Behind Amazon in Cloud Market Share (Aug. 2)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud services provider by a considerable margin, but Microsoft Azure is leading the small pack that's chasing it, according to recent data from Synergy Research Group (SRG)." [Read here]

4. Microsoft Warns Windows 10 Holdouts of Upgrade Deadline (May 6)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "Microsoft's free Windows 10 update offer is part of a general corporate push to put the new OS on 1 billion devices." [Read here]

3. Microsoft Explains Windows Servicing Model Ahead of October Release (Oct. 10)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "With a cumulative update scheduled to arrive for all supported Windows systems this week, Microsoft recently outlined a few more details about the new update structure." [Read here]

2. Microsoft Shows How SCCM Does Windows 10 Servicing (Jan. 8)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "...Microsoft has proposed a sort of update triage approach for organizations to adopt, involving four Windows 10 service branches." [Read here]

1. Microsoft Raises Office 365 File Size Limits, Improves Auditing (Feb. 18)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "Microsoft also indicated that it is increasing the default storage size for its SharePoint Online, Office 365 Groups and Office 365 Video services." [Read here]