RCP's 2014 Wrap-Up: Top 10 Blogs and Commentary of the Year

Microsoft's Action Pack revamp was a hot topic, but so were Satya Nadella's epic-length "vision statement" and Windows Phone's continuing troubles. Here are the most popular blog posts and columns of 2014.

10. Microsoft Takes Some Office 365 Deployments In-House (Sept. 4)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "Partner reaction so far has ranged generally from extreme concern to wary acceptance." [Read here.]

9. Microsoft Partners: Get Used to Dodging a Drunk Dinosaur (Sept. 25)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "A few of Microsoft's recent moves have the company lumbering right onto partners' territory." [Read here.]

8. How Wireless 802.11ac Could Be a Win for Microsoft Lync (Oct. 7)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "...Jamie Stark, senior product manager with Microsoft Lync, is evangelizing a recent wireless standard as a big opportunity to dramatically improve unified communications performance on mobile networks." [Read here.]

7. Nadella Demotes 'Devices' in Microsoft Vision Statement (July 10)
READER COMMENT: "So it isn't 'devices' first, now it is 'mobile' first. That makes the strategy so much clearer. It is also not 'services' first, it is now 'cloud' first. How many 'firsts' can we have?" [Read here.]

6. Interop: 5 Up-and-Coming Hacking Tools (Oct. 2)
FROM THE ARTICLE: " the fast-moving field of IT security, new threats and tools are constantly emerging." [Read here.]

5. Next-Generation Microsoft Action Pack Arrives (Feb. 26)
READER COMMENT: "It really seems like Microsoft has forsaken the IT providers that focus on small business." [Read here.]

4. For Partners, Where Are the Microsoft Alternatives? (June 11)
READER COMMENT: "Microsoft is desperately trying to make one operating system fit all platforms." [Read here.]

3. Microsoft's Lost Year on Windows Phone (Dec. 3)
READER COMMENT: "Windows 10 should be a game changer, assuming that the carriers don't scuttle it by refusing to let owners have the update, as Spring and Verizon have with WP 8.1." [Read here.]

2. Microsoft Action Pack Price Hike Sparks Comment Firestorm (Feb. 27)
READER COMMENT: "The Action Pack has always been just another revenue source for Microsoft. All the blather about partners is window dressing on the sale." [Read here.]

1. Microsoft Hikes Action Pack Price by up to 44 Percent (Jan. 31)
READER COMMENT: "This is incredibly short-sighted for Microsoft to raise the price at all. There really isn't much profit in charging developers compared to the public, so what's the objective -- to decrease exposure to Microsoft's products for those that sell, promote and develop for it?" [Read here.]


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