RCP's 2013 Wrap-Up: The 10 Most Popular Blogs and Commentary of the Year

From Windows Phone 8's storage shenanigans, to PRISM, to the shrinking PC market, here are the blogs and commentary articles that riled up readers the most this year.

10. Is the 'Peak PC' Period Over for Microsoft? (May 29)
READER COMMENT: "Microsoft's real problem is they want to have their cake and eat it, too. Attempting to use their desktop dominance to fat-elbow their way into the tablet market was a huge mistake, as the people buying tablets are an entirely separate camp from those still buying PCs, with little in common. PC people hate the tablet-ization of Windows, and tablet people think Windows is a lame dinosaur OS." [Read here.]

9. Windows Phone 8 Device Impressions: Nokia Lumia 822 (April 4)
READER COMMENT: "Your thoughts mirror my own, right down to the endless tweaking (out of fun, rather than exasperation). Coming from an iPhone 4, I thought I'd have fleeting regrets, but to my surprise, I've turned into a Nokia fan." [Read here.]

8. Microsoft Reorg Details To Come July 1? (June 24)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "Internal rumblings from Microsoft make it sound as if the executive shakeup that CEO Steve Ballmer is rumored to be working on will be more than the usual late-June game of musical chairs." [Read here.]

From "T-Mobile Overhaul: Win for Lumia, Loss for HTC 8X."

7. T-Mobile Overhaul: Win for Lumia, Loss for HTC 8X (March 27)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "In the coverage of T-Mobile's plans to blow up the wireless industry, most of the focus, rightly, is on a handful of things." [Read here.]

6. Office 365 Open Finally Enlists All Partners in Microsoft's Cloud Fight (Feb. 27)
READER COMMNET: "Will MSPs have to pay upfront for the entire year while charging the client monthly or will Microsoft allow monthly billing to the MSP? If not that would be a problem." [Read here.]

5. PRISM and Microsoft: What We Know So Far (June 20)
READER COMMENT: "This whole data collection thing only came to light now, but is very old. Remember Dr. Norton tools for Windows 95?" [Read here.]

From "PRISM and Microsoft: What We Know So Far."

4. With Helix, Lenovo Rips and Flips Ahead (Jan. 9)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "Lenovo is making a strong case that it's Microsoft's most committed OEM partner on Windows 8." [Read here.]

3. Microsoft Offering $100 Surface RTs, $400 Surface Pros at WPC (June 20)
FROM THE ARTICLE: "Microsoft partners attending the Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston next month will have a crack at the same cut-rate deal on Microsoft Surface that TechEd attendees got a few weeks ago -- $100 for a Surface RT and $400 for a Surface Pro." [Read here.]

2. Adobe Fixes Reader App To Print from Windows 8 (April 18)
READER COMMENT: "Never even noticed that the print function was missing --- because as a desktop user on Windows 8, I NEVER, EVER, EVER use the Metro apps or ever view the new Windows 8 Start screen -- I boot directly to the desktop." [Read here.]

1. Wrestling with 'Other' Storage in Windows Phone 8 (May 13)
READER COMMENT: "If that really is the case (and I have little reason to doubt you), then yes, they need to fix that. That's the whole point of want it available, though maybe not instantly." [Read here.]

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