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Adobe Fixes Reader App To Print from Windows 8

It seems hard to believe, but for six months one of the most basic functions in business -- printing a PDF -- wasn't possible from Adobe's official Windows 8 Reader app. (For that entire time, it was possible to print from the Reader app built in to Windows 8.)

Just ahead of the operating system's six-month anniversary on April 26, Adobe posted an update in the Windows Store to support printing in Adobe Reader Touch for Windows 8.

In an announcement posted on an Adobe message board April 11, Dennis Griffin, the principal product manager for Adobe Reader for Tablets and Smartphones, wrote, "We have just released an update that addresses the most popular request we've heard, the need for Printing. Update your app from the Windows Store to get this latest capability, and continue to let us know what you need most!"

Griffin's terse, upbeat announcement doesn't mention what caused the delay in one of the most basic of functions.

Printing PDFs has been possible from Windows 8's built-in Reader app in Windows 8, which has more robust options to start with than the Windows Store app. However, users who installed the Adobe App early on in their Windows 8 experience sometimes ended up defaulting to the Adobe Reader Touch app without realizing there was a built-in option.

Posted by Scott Bekker on April 18, 2013 at 11:58 AM

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Mon, Apr 22, 2013

Never even noticed that the print function was missing --- because as a desktop user on Windows 8, I NEVER EVER EVER use the Metro Apps or ever view the new Windows 8 start screen - I boot directly to the desktop. Been printing PDFs just fine since Windows 8 first came out using Adobe Reader from the desktop. When I use a tablet, I cannot remember when I ever needed to print from a tablet. I print when working from my desktop computer. From my tablet I browse and play - I don't print from it. So again, never even realized I was missing the most basic function. Unless you are a news writer and can't wait to point out the most useless news ever - then I can see you taking notice of this.

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