Getting People Ready

Empowering people who keep businesses running is at the heart of better software technology development at Microsoft.

If you're reading these words, you appreciate the significant role technology, affiliated services and expertise play in business success. While I share that passionate belief in the importance of technology, there's another component that's even more critical to any company's success: its people.

When people are empowered, they discover and decide. People drive innovation and build meaningful connections. People are what make or break a deal or a customer relationship or a business. Individuals and teams rallying around goals are what drive innovation and results. In that spirit, everything we're doing at Microsoft and throughout our network of business partners is about empowering people, the differentiating factor in every business.

Our partners put the power of this concept in our customers' hands. Your skills and expertise enable them to achieve their goals faster through innovative technology solutions.

So at Microsoft, we're measuring the software we're developing against some pretty tough standards—all of which have people at their core. Software needs to help develop customer relationships, both internally and externally. With businesses forced to do more with less, software should play a role in improving operations.

Software can also facilitate more meaningful insights. Most people have more information at their fingertips today than they can possibly manage. For the last 20 years businesses have been focused on getting information into systems. Now, thanks to the Internet, we can help customers get the right information out of systems and into the hands and minds to the people who need it.

Why Microsoft?
As organizations renew their focus on their people, Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help. Together with the world's most diverse and expert partner network, we deliver software and services that are familiar and easy to use. Consider Microsoft Office, used by 400 million people worldwide. The familiarity of Office makes it easier for customers to integrate and connect new solutions with what they're already using.

Over the past five years, we've invested billions of dollars annually in software research and development. As a result, we will bring more innovation to market in the next 18 months than we have in all of Microsoft's history — including Windows Vista and Office 2007.

Getting There Together
All of us at Microsoft look forward to working with you to bring these solutions to life. To support you, we've developed customer campaigns that can help you reach new prospects and better serve your existing customers.

The enterprise and midmarket campaigns for the coming year will be geared to decision makers by role. Campaigns for business decision makers are designed to address their needs by solution areas, such as building customer connections, enabling a mobile workforce and improving business insight or compliance. For IT decision makers, campaigns are focused on application platform infrastructure and optimizing both core and information worker infrastructures.

Also, if you target the increasingly lucrative small-business market, you can take advantage of campaigns designed to demonstrate how Microsoft technology, together with your expertise, enables small businesses to run more efficiently and create tighter links with customers. These marketing programs include a suite of case studies, product demos, how-to guides and incentives.

We have an exciting year ahead of us. I urge you to take advantage of the campaigns, tools and resources th at will work best for your company. Together, we can help businesses off all sizes realize the full benefit of their most valuable asset: their people.