Nextel Releases Wireless Internet Service for Business

Nextel announced it will be rolling out wireless Internet services called Nextel Online, in more than 750 cities in the U.S.

Nextel Online is a wireless phone that works as a four-in-one tool. Made by Motorola, the phones have wireless Internet service, two-way radio, digital cellular telephone service, and text/numeric paging all in one phone.

Using this new service, customers will have immediate access to the wireless data network anywhere within the Nextel National Network. Customers can also use this service to create a personal Web portal. This will enable users to get information anywhere at any time via their Nextel Internet phone. The phone can also be used with a personal digital assistant (PDA) by connecting to it and serving as a wireless modem.

Contact Nextel, (800) 639-6111,

About the Author

Scott Bekker is editor in chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.


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