AppsCo to Support SQL Server 2000

Everybody and his brother has declared support plans for Windows 2000, but AppsCo Software Inc. is leaping out to announce it will fully support SQL Server 2000, which doesn’t enter Beta 2 testing until at least April.

AppsCo (, a provider of data warehouse and analytic application development solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, said today that its AppsMart development environment will provide full support for Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

The announcement comes a day before the start of the four-day Microsoft Windows DNA Readiness Conference, for which AppsCo is the principle sponsor. The ISVs, solution providers, developers, architects, consultants, and customers attending the event in Denver all must sign Microsoft’s notoriously strict Non-Disclosure Agreements.

The conference will focus on SQL Server 2000 with keynotes from Microsoft SQL Server vice president Paul Flessner and Microsoft Developer Marketing vice president Tod Nielson. Training sessions will heavily favor SQL Server, with other sessions dedicated to the other elements of the Windows DNA 2000 platform -- Application Center 2000, BizTalk Server 2000, Commerce Server 2000, COM+, Host Integration Server 2000, the Visual Studio development system and Windows 2000.

AppsMart includes features for star schema design and deployment, automatic population of the data mart with sample data and OLAP Services cubes, data transformation services (DTS), as well as Microsoft Office 2000 reports and documentation.

AppsMart also features integration with Microsoft Repository, a component of SQL Server that provides life-cycle management services to store and share software components along with their descriptive information. AppsMart's integration with Microsoft Repository allows it to be integrated with other business intelligence and OLAP tools to provide high-end analytics and data mining over and above those capabilities provided in Microsoft Office 2000. -- Isaac Slepner

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Scott Bekker is editor in chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.