Security Dynamics Announces New NT Security Tools

Security Dynamics Technologies Inc. announced its family of security solutions that are designed to help businesses assess, enforce, and monitor security for Windows NT-based networks.

The company also announced new versions of its authentication, intrusion detection and encryption products. Those products include:

  • ACE/Agent for Windows NT and version 3.3 of ACE/Server security software. Used in conjunction with SecurID authenticators, the ACE/Agent is designed to help organizations extend and manage the native security features of their Windows NT-based networks. The new version of the ACE/Server software includes Y2K operational enhancements, a bundled Radius server and a SoftID authentication "Starter Pack."
  • Kane Security Analyst version 4.5 for Windows NT and Novell Netware and Kane Security Monitor version 3.2 for Windows NT intrusion detection and security assessment tools. The new Kane Security Analyst software is Y2K compliant and features new reporting functionality, improved password cracking utilities and additional performance enhancements. The new Kane Security Monitor is also Y2K compliant and includes enhanced log monitoring capabilities using a multi-threaded architecture designed to enable scalability.
  • RSA SecurPC file encryption software for Windows NT and Windows 98 is an encryption product based on RSA's encryption technologies that is designed to protect data stored in laptop and desktop computer files.

As a participant in the Microsoft Security Partners Program since May, Security Dynamics' enterprise security products are intended to enforce native Windows NT security policies.

"We are pleased that Security Dynamics offers a range of security solutions that build upon the native security features of Windows NT," says Karan Khanna, lead product manager for Windows NT security at Microsoft Corp. "Our customers will benefit from the security solutions provided by Security Dynamics as they deploy and use Windows NT for mission-critical applications." --Brian Ploskina, Assistant Editor

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Scott Bekker is editor in chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.


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