SharePoint Server

Breaking Waves

Last year, all the talk at Convergence was about waves of integration for Dynamics. Now, it's all about how the suite fits into the Microsoft stack. But not everything that Microsoft is saying is clear, and some partners are confused about where Dynamics is going.

Microsoft Launches Enterprise Security Ad Campaign

Flashy Forefront message suggests that security is easy to deploy across the enterprise.

Head Start on Search

QuickStart for Search gave partners a way to market search skills ahead of a full-blown competency specialization. Here's how it's working nearly one year later.

Discounts on Vista, Office Exams

Microsoft expands Partner Skills Plus program to include MCP exams covering Vista, Exchange 2007 and the Office technology suite.

Ready, Set, Launch!

SharePoint and Vista implementations head the list of opportunities that Microsoft's new product wave offers partners -- but taking advantage of them requires careful preparation.