SharePoint Server

Gartner: Microsoft's SharePoint Plans Could Lead to Product Split

Research firm Gartner advised organizations to prepare for fundamental changes to SharePoint stemming from Microsoft's product development efforts on the cloud side.

Microsoft Boosts SharePoint Online File-Upload Capabilities

Microsoft on Thursday announced file-upload improvements to its SharePoint Online service, echoing recent improvements to SkyDrive Pro.

Metalogix Buys Axceler, Gives SharePoint Partners Larger Bag of Tools

The acquisition of Axceler's primary assets by Metalogix brings creates one of the largest independent ISVs focused on Microsoft's SharePoint platform.

SP2 for Office 2010, SharePoint 2010 and Office Web Apps Released

Microsoft announced the availability of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Office 2010, SharePoint 2010 and Office Web Apps on Tuesday.

One Year After Acquisition, Microsoft Touts Yammer's Growth

To mark the one-year milestone of its acquisition of Yammer, Microsoft on Tuesday detailed its plans for the social networking application, as well as its progress so far.

Microsoft Readies Users for New SharePoint Online Updates

Current users of SharePoint Online will be able to upgrade to the new release "soon," according to a post on Microsoft's SharePoint team blog.

Office 2010 SP2 and SharePoint 2010 SP2 Betas Released

Betas of Office 2010 Service Pack 2 (SP2) and SharePoint 2010 SP2 are now available for testing, Microsoft announced on Monday.

Microsoft Details Plans To Integrate Yammer with Office 365, SharePoint

Microsoft's plans for enterprise social networking will increasingly revolve around Yammer, with improvements rolling out this year, according to a Microsoft executive.

Gartner to Orgs: Skip SharePoint, Go with Yammer for Enterprise Social

Organizations that are "Microsoft shops" and trying to decide between Yammer or SharePoint for social networking should choose Yammer, research firm Gartner advised in a webinar Thursday.

Microsoft Reports Blockbuster Growth for Yammer Since Acquisition

Eight months after being acquired by Microsoft, enterprise social networking company Yammer is apparently doing fine.

Microsoft Pushes 'Cloud-First' Approach with SharePoint 2013

Microsoft this month is releasing SharePoint 2013 to volume licensees, a move that sets the stage for partners to accelerate their customers' shift to the cloud.

Office 2013 Products Available for Purchase via Microsoft Volume Licensing

Businesses can now buy Microsoft's on-premises 2013 server products -- including Office 2013 -- via volume licensing agreements.

Microsoft Showcases SharePoint 2013, Aims To 'Supercharge' Enterprise Social Networking

Just as the launch of Windows 8 last month was Microsoft's effort to "reimagine" Windows, the company is taking a similar tack with SharePoint 2013.

Office 2013, SharePoint 2013, Exchange 2013 Released to Volume Licensees

Volume licensing customers can now access Microsoft Office 2013, plus various application servers with the "2013" branding, according to a report by ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley.

Office 365, SharePoint and SQL Server: Our Experts Weigh In

At the first Live! 360 conference, top experts will dive into an array of hot IT topics. Get a sneak preview here, as key presenters share their expertise with Redmond Channel Partner.